Saturday, May 29, 2010

Market Update (long)

What a fantastic day it was today! The sun was hidden behind clouds, so it was warm, but not HOT. And I think people were afraid to go out and do anything, since it looked like rain all day, so instead, they stopped by the Farmers Market! YAY!

Our Market manager was showing off one of her Amigurumi creations. Isn't this the cutest thing ever?!

She knits hers, where others I've seen are crocheted. Check out his tail:

Also check out the raspberries behind the squirrel. That was part of my breakfast. :-)

One of the first things I do each week is buy new fresh flowers. One of the other artists asked if he could draw them, so here he is in action:

He just brought his chair over and got to work. He taught himself to draw in the Chinese style, and he said he could teach anyone, even moi, to draw. I tried a few years ago, I really did. For now I'll stick to stamps. But he does encourage me to step outside of my box and try new techniques, so I do. :-)

Time for today's food parade, starting with basil:

... and baby Zukes:

... baby eggplant:

... strawberries:

... raspberries:
... romaine lettuce:

... maters:

... peas:

... radishes:

... rhubarb:

... shrooms:

... and onions (or orn-yons, if you used to watch Justin Wilson):

Most of this stuff came home with me.

This week I added something new to my "drag this stuff to market" bag:

... and as you can see, it was well-received by the four-legged critters that streamed through today.

Oh, I spied this little girl wearing a Princess dress over at MaryBeth's booth:

SO cute! They were picking out hair bows. ;-)

And one of our new crafters this year makes pottery. Look at this biz card holder:

heh heh ... she said she made one for her dentist.

Over at the flower booth, these guys smelled SO good:

There are (I think) double-bloom Mock Oranges. There are a few in my mixed flower bunch. There are also a few of these:

Sweet William. No smell but soooo pretty.

Okay, before we get to the doggie portion of the show, I have a few disclaimers to make:

1. It was cloudy
2. I rarely left my table, and did a lot of zoom shots in stealth mode
3. There were a bazillion dogs out today with their walkers
4. I did not get them all
5. The ones I did get were often hidden by legs and tables
6. The ones I openly tried to photograph would not hold still

With that as my going-in position, I bring you today's dog parade. I was going to comment only where I wanted to share something I learned about the particular pet, but I failed. I got wordy. Sorry.

First up - My fave:

Yeah, it's a butt shot, but I just loooove this dog.

Black fur-ball:

Some friends with their two dogs:

They were going for a walk around the lake. Made me look real bad.

Cavalier King Charles, in motion:

This guy looks so regal and distinguished:

So curly:

A moment of "dogs everywhere":

Another moment of "dogs everywhere":

This guy looks part Corgi, non?

This tiny dog with his not-so-tiny owner:

How handsome:

She later had him sit for me, but I liked this shot better.


OMG, an 11-week-old puppy. Here he met that nice white dog:

This puppy was getting quite the socialization lesson today. I think everyone stopped to pet him. Twice. :-)

I don't normally include people's faces, but I love this shot, so I broke my own rule:

Another black fur-ball passing through:

(Oooh, should have edited out that human butt shot. Sorry. )

The neighborhood dog-sitter came by with three of her six weekend charges:

Meet Mr. Big:

He is a Miniature Pinscher.

And he's not shy.

This next one is a Pomeranian mix:

And I forget what this next one was, but he was real cute, too!

Another distinguished gentleman:

Good doggie:

And then we had this guy:

After several failed attempts, I decided to stick with the most in-focus pic I got. I thought he was a Lhasa or a Shi Tzu, but she said he's a Havanese. From Havana. They are originally from the Canary Islands, and brought over by the Spanish. See all the stuff you learn by stopping by my blog?!?!

Well, thanks for reading this far. For the rest of this weekend I plan to get stampy and crank out some cards for next weekend's markets. But before I go, I wanted to mention that I am loving The Pioneer Woman's photography posts this weekend. Her theme is Coming Home, and she is posting pics of ... our troops coming home. I have not cried this much (both happy and sad) in quite some time. It's quite moving, so please stop by and see what she's posted so far - pics sent in by readers, by the way. And Happy Memorial Day!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Ahhhh - got my dog fix for the week - thanks. :)

  2. The last doggie is the prettiest, if you ask me. And please, why were there no pics of your cards?

  3. heee, love the doggy pics. And the berries - YUM! Must get self to farmers market next week...

  4. The doggie under the mini pin looks like a pomaranian mix. ( i am sure that's misspelled but it did not rain today and i am tired)
    That first doggie, the boxer , looks like a boxer I know.
    So other than doggies and veggies....I hope you had a $pectacular day at the Market.

  5. hey! my cousin breeds Havanese....i knew that one! they're really nice dogs

  6. Love your market fav dogs are the Cocker Spaniel (of course) as it reminds me of my Boo..and the one before that of the distinguished dog...I think he looks like he is laughing at everyone...what a face :-)


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