Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Inspiration - It's Everywhere (Part 2)

Today was GooooorrrrrrrrJUS! OMG, just perfect weather. It was 80 degrees, but there was a slight breeze and, more importantly: no humidity! So I just HAD to put the top down on the Miata for the drive home. This was my view when I tilted my head back:

Ahhhh! And thank goodness NO BIRDS!

Then I took the back way home. Yeah, it's longer, but sooo pretty. I did not want to spend this glorious day on the beltway sucking in truck fumes.

One of the things that always amazes me about this area is the ridiculous amount of money some people have (not me - I work for a living), and the contrast between what I call Old Money and New Money is painfully apparent.

This is a drive-by shot of what I call Old Money:

See that house set waaaay back on the property? Understated home. Lovely property.

This is what I call New Money:

This is actually only part of the house ... I managed to cut off the left wing, but I didn't want to die, so it's all I've got. Can you say "ostentatious"? Yuck.

Moving on ... tonight I bring you my second entry in PrairiePaperie's Inspiration Challenge. I had the joy of a morning Doctor appointment, and while I was standing around waiting, I saw this photo on the wall and started a card layout in my head, so I HAD to take a fuzzy photo with my phone:

*Note to self: Next phone, get a higher-res camera.

Well, I was going to name this post "It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time", which is true for about half the stuff that pops into my head and I try to translate to paper. This is one of those. HOWEVER, instead of trashing it, I thought I'd once again, take one for the team and show all of you that it is possible to survive crafting failures.

Are you ready?


Are you s u r e ????

Okay, here it is:

I WARNED YOU! GAH! I HATE IT! Oooh, did you notice the little kitteh in the corner? heh heh That's a punch I forgot I had, and while rummaging through my contraband MS punches, I saw it and decided this card needed a little something-something. It is the only thing I like about this card.

So let's dissect this monstrosity. First of all, I failed to look at the photo before I started working on the card, so I forgot there were no trees on the left side, but since this is an inspiration challenge, I guess that doesn't really matter. The vase sux. The "oranges" look like zits. And FYI, that green layer is Sage Shadow, not the Mint Melody it resembles in this photo. (I must speak with my photographer. Or fire her.)

Isn't it awful?!

So I drowned my sorrows in another coloring marathon. Tonight I had help, though:

Have I told you my cat can't jump? Nope, she climbs. I have a stool for her so she can get up on the end table to get to her water. Seriously, it's a total challenge for her otherwise. So tonight, since I was occupying the chair, she had no way to get up onto this table, so I figured I was safe. I figured wrong. She did a lot of eyeing of the table height, looked around for a stool or chair, looked back at the table, and eventually made the daring leap. Then, after making sure these cards weren't going to blow away, she realized she couldn't get down. True story.

So she helped me finish all the red buildings, and now I've started in on the doors:

I have tomorrow morning off (getting a kitchen island delivered - YAY!), so I'll try to finish the doors and start in on the roofs (rooves?*). Then tomorrow night I'll do the outlines and bag & tag 'em so I can take them with me on Friday. Wish me luck.

Oh, and thanks for stopping by!

*roofs/rooves ... If it's hoof/hooves, why not roof/rooves? I'm just sayin'.


  1. Personally, I think I need to give credit where it's due...I'm absolutely impressed that you were able to translate that painting into something papercrafty!

    That was a very technically difficult painting, my brain would not have made the leap. I think if you play with it a little more you really have something there!

    The kitteh made me cute is that itteh bitteh kitteh?!

    I say bravo!

  2. Okay, it may not be your best , but I have to agree with Dreena. The fact that your mind even worked that way is Amazing!

    Your zit oranges notation cracked me up!

  3. I'm with the did an amazing job with the translation of the image....the kitteh is adorable...don't let Lydia see that one!!!
    I also admire your colouring dedication...I would have each card different...don't think I have the fortitude to stay with it. LOL CUTE idea tho! (and printing them is fine too..just add a little kitty punch for a hand made detail :-) )

  4. great post but what really caught my attention..........

    I gotta see this....


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