Monday, May 31, 2010

Stampy Monday - Installment #1

I apologize in advance - apparently I've mucked up the White Balance setting on my camera, so everything appears blue. ;(

First off today, I'd like to share with you the incredibly stressful life of my cat:

I don't know how she handles the pressure.

I spent most of yesterday evening making 20 magnets. I'm pretty sure I've shown you this before, but I thought I'd do it again, if only to have something, anything, to show you this early afternoon. It starts with a marathon of die-cutting. Here I have 20 of each of the circles:

On the left are die-cut dragonfly body parts - the black bodies and the copper wings. I had to break into my one pack of copper note cards & envelopes and use two of the note cards for the wings. I'm all out of 8.5x11 sheets of the brushed copper. ;(

The first thing I do is attach the bottom three layers together:

Then I wind black thread around the top layers, one at a time:

They all come out a little different, as I don't always hit the same scallop when I start. After each winding is complete, I attach it (with Dimensionals) to the top of one of the bases:

After all 20 are done, I start with the dragonfly parts. I found there was too much "give" in the center, so I stuck a pair of snips under the top layer to give me some support so I could press the pieces and hold them for the glue to adhere:

After all 20 were done, I laid them out on my Dining Room table and attached the magnets to the backs:

Once those were dry, I turned them over and applied the black Stickles to the wings.:

I let them dry over night. Meanwhile, I printed some clear labels and stuck them to small SU cello bags, and I'll pack them up today.

Yeah, when you make more than one of something it turns into work. I love these things, and they sell pretty well, but I do think I need to raise my price for them. There are just too many steps ...

AND, I was going to make a few with crabs instead of dragonflies, but I forgot. ;( I'm also all out of these green coordinating papers (from Prism), so I'll need to figure out something else for the crab version.

While searching for my dragonfly die, I found this bird die that I got at the same time (you know, to justify the shipping) that I'd never used, so I used it:

Yeah, I know, it looks like a blue card, but it really is white. I need to play with my camera and my light. And it's fuzzy. Sorry. Here's a close-up that is a little better:

Okay, his little legs are blurry. I give up.

I think I'll go work on Project #4 for my June Stamp Camps. And maybe replace the light bulb in that lamp. And talk with the photographer. She really needs to get with the program.

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  1. I have one of those magnets! They are even "beautifuller" in real life!

  2. love these.. and that bird is too sassy!


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