Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sooner or Later ...

Friday (three days away - yikes!) is my city's first First Friday Gaithersburg, and it is supposed to rain. Bother. But I see it as an opportunity to sell a few last-minute Mother's Day cards, so I made a few of these this week:

This is an old reliable offering of mine. I have made them for years. In fact, I offer them all year long, even after I've put away all the other Mother's Day cards, since people seem to like them all year long, and who am I to complain?

I print the sentiment on vellum with an ink jet printer, and the ink stays wet enough to emboss. I print 4 on a sheet, so I make them in batches of 4. This time I made twelve. Okay, I printed enough to make 12; we'll see if I actually make them all before Friday.

This card is also a mishmash of purples - there's the print color, which is God knows what, the card base is Pale Plum (I'm hoarding some as we speak), the ink for the sentiment under the vellum is Elegant Eggplant, and the eyelets are Perfect Plum. Oh, and the ribbon is from my Every Color Purple But the One I Need box.

Speaking of eyelets, remember eyelets? I almost never use them any more, but when it comes to attaching vellum to a card front, I have zero success with any adhesive ... they have all yellowed over time. So using eyelets for this card is just perfect. These particular eyelets are from my stash of retired SU ovals:

The sentiment is a source of amusement for many people. They laugh and laugh and sometimes they even buy the card! I actually managed to stamp the thing fairly consistently the other night, but it's still easier to read the stamp itself. Here you go:

I also have the Father's Quotes stamp and I make the same card for Father's Day, only in blue. And it says "Sooner or later we all quote our father's." Other than that they are identical. ;/

Progress report on the City Cards - I'm done with the putty and starting in on the red:

Okay, maybe it's more of a rust instead of red. Kitty has inhabited my chair tonight, so once I shoo her away, I'll work on these some more.

In other news, I spent quite a bit of time this evening on branding. Whazat, you may ask? I am having an identity crisis. I am! My little biz started out as "Cards By Leslie", but my blog is The Crooked Stamper. And my etsy store is CardsByLeslie, but my Twitter name is CrookedStamper. See? And my SCS name is meerkat3, but we won't go there.

So I've decided to be CrookedStamper everywhere. Unfortunately I can't change the name of my etsy store, but I did change the name in the Header/Banner. A while ago I also bought a few more domain names, so I changed the header on my CardsByLeslie blog to "Crooked Stamper Store" and pointed the CrookedStamper domain names to it. More than you cared to know, I understand. But I have been busy, people! BUSY! Ach, and I am out of biz cards, so I guess it's the perfect time to print some more, with my new identity. Tomorrow. I'll work on those tomorrow.

Sigh. Oh, look, kitty has vacated the chair, so I can go color a little more this evening.

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  1. Jeez, you HAVE been busy! You'll always be "crooked" to me no matter what! Talk about an "off the cuff remark"! Love you, Leslie!

    And yes, no matter how old we moms are, we will "have walked eight miles in the snow both ways when we were in school"- it just is what it is!

  2. i've been meaning to buy mypinkmexico.com but i never get around to it...

  3. Wow I thought you were gonna say you dropped your drawers and had a hot "CS" burned into your butt.
    Whew....good thing you are just merging multiple identities
    I like "crooked Stamper" it suits you well. (even though over the years, you have been stamping much straighter than when we first met)

    #2 ( yes i am going to reveal my true identity too )


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