Monday, May 31, 2010

Stampy Monday - Installment #2

Finally, I think I might have Project #4 for my June Stamp Camps. I started out with a card from a blog as inspiration (I'll update with a link when I find it again), but then I kindof went off on my own and ended up with this:

This is my third or fourth attempt, but I think I like it. It uses my favorite SU color of all time: Sage Shadow, and is my nod to its upcoming retirement. Sage Shadow is the reason I even found out about SU. I plan to hoard it.

I like how easy it was to cut the curves in the patterned card stock using the cutting blade from the SU Cutter Kit. For those who have asked in the past, this Cutter Kit also contains a perforating blade, in addition to a scoring blade and a distress tool.

I wanted to somehow incorporate the Bitty items from the Summer Mini: the stamps, the punches and the buttons, and I've managed to include all three. Yay! Bonus!

Also, The Ladies are getting pretty sick of all the bows I put on projects, so this bow is totally faux. I wrapped the ribbon around the card and stuck it down. Then I folded over a scrap of ribbon:

and secured it with a piece of Linen Thread:

... which I also used to hold the button. The whole faux bow is stuck on with mini glue dots. I hope they like this alternative!

I also hope to get stampy some more this evening. Thanks for stopping by!

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