Thursday, May 8, 2014

Good Morning, My @$$

While rummaging for something else the other day, I re-discovered one of my Bugaboo stamps and I just had to use it.  Here's my card, then I'll explain:

At first I wasn't going to share this one since I thought I'd done a more-is-more card. I thought the clock plus the window was too much, but a few friends thought it was just fine, and even if they were just being nice, you now get to see it. :)

I made the clock by stamping a circle from a Hero Arts set and added the clock arms from a Paper Smooches set. (both linked below)

For the window, I used a WPlus9 quilt die to cut some A Muse woodgrain card stock, then cut the die again from a piece of white. I left the squares in the white die-cut and added Distress ink to make it look like it was barely dawn. Then I put the squares into the woodgrain window frame, and added some white glaze dots for stars.  The lace was added to make it a little more homey. :)

By the way, the Copic 0 marker does not remove color from Distress ink. Ask me how I know. ;/

In other news, Bobra's rabbit friend visited yesterday evening:

The rabbit was just sitting in the yard, nibbling grass. Bobra was sitting in his window, twitching.

Here's another shot I took before the rabbit scurried away:

The rabbit is very cute, and I'm convinced he will nibble on my garden as soon as I plant it. I should station Bobra outside to stand guard, but he and the rabbit are about the same size, and I'm not sure Bobra would win. At least it's built-in entertainment for him. Like Rabbit TV. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used: Bugaboo stamp (A similar digi stamp is here. Totally Stampalicious, the makers of the clear stamp version of the Bugaboo digi images, closed their doors last year.), misc lace, A Muse woodgrain card stock, and the following:

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  1. Does Bobra chirp at the rabbit too? I love your card especially as I had a tough time sleeping last night and though I got up at 11 I had slept only about 4 hours. I agree with the sentiment...and no there is not too much going on.


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