Thursday, May 8, 2014

OCC: Watercolor for Card Makers, Homework - Days 3 & 4

Our first two days of the Online Card Classes: Watercolor for Card Makers focused on backgrounds, and days 3 & 4 focused on stamping with watercolors. Well, I did part of it, even though it ended up as a background.  Here's my card, then I'll explain:

This is actually my second card, for reasons I'll go into momentarily. After I did the background using Jennifer's Versamark technique from Day 3, I opted for a silhouette image for the center instead of a water colored image. Also, I couldn't figure out what sentiment to use, or where to put it, so I didn't.

This was my first card:

I am lacking in good floral images to use, so I tried this one from an SU set. It might have worked if I hadn't stuttered when I stamped the second time. Even with the SAMJ, I got it wrong.  Again, no sentiment, because I couldn't figure out where to put it.

There were a lot of fabulous lessons and examples, but this is one I can see myself using again, so that's what I tried. I think with some practice, I'll get it eventually.

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Products used: SU Garden Silhouettes and the following:


  1. OMG! You actually own pink ink! This was my first reaction then I really looked at the cards and love your water colour work! Well done, my friend.

  2. Leslie, your silhouette card just popped out of the gallery, it's a stunner! I haven't tried this technique yet, but you've really inspired me to give it a go - both cards are fab!

  3. Pink huh...or is that just muted red? LOL. Actually...I love the flowered has just a bit of haze to it that I think makes it perfect as a watercolor.

    Your silhouette is stand out, great option for the background.


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