Monday, May 26, 2014

The Struggle Continues

I'm still here! Still plugging away at that stack of MAMBI card stock, now mostly remnants. You know how the last ten pounds is the toughest to lose? Wait, that was a bad analogy. ... You know how that last mile is the toughest when you are running or biking? No, that won't work, either. Sigh. You know when you start out with a pack of BIG paper how easy it is to use the pieces, then when you're down to scraps remnants, it gets tougher and tougher? Yeah, that.

I just spent H O U R S making five cards, and I don't even like one of them. I should just toss this paper, but nooooooo, I'm so stubborn I now feel compelled to use every last bit of it. And you get to see the results of my labors from earlier this evening.

First up, I made two of these:

I started looking at the OWH sketches, and ended up combining two of them - Sketch #14 and Sketch #26. I liked the angled rectangle of #14:

and I liked the vertical piece of #26:

(vertical once I turned it on its ear) So basically I took sketch #26 and angled the rectangle. At least as my starting point.

I still had those blasted pink polka dot pieces, so I added some remnants of the turquoise chevron from the same paper stack only to find they were too short. Then I cheated:

Not long enough? No problem!!!! Just hack it in two. :)  You can also see some of the other papers I have left. Sigh.

That card again, since I've been blathering:

The sentiment was left from the batch of spotted bears I made earlier, and I got all crazy and put it straight onto the angled dotted piece. I kinda like it. The heart was die-cut from another remnant.

Next up:

Same layout, different sentiment, and I added some twine. And a heart.

Next I bring you my "when more is really too much" entry:

I think if the angled panel wasn't polka dotted, this might have worked. There's too much going on. I did get creative, though, and cut a slit in the dotted panel to slip the white strip through so there was some tan under the globe image. Still too too too too much. I may have to operate.

And the last one for tonight:

This one is different - different remnant of paper on an angle. I added the stamped light bulb and put the sentiment on the card base. It was a yawner, so I went back and stamped another filament for the heart part, colored it, cut it out, glued it on and added Glossy Accents. This one isn't so bad.

I will say, though, I tried to figure out how to lose the "will" from the sentiment. I think it would sound better as "I feel a glow just thinking of you".

I still have more paper left, and I'll probably stare at it a bit tomorrow. Thankfully those papers will need white card bases since I'm all out of the Latte. I've used ALL THE LATTE PAPER. All gone. And that's a total of 31 OWH cards this weekend, too. Wheee!

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: MAMBI card stock, and the following:


  1. well not to be argumentative here but i'm not seein' the struggle so much as the AWESOME results! i like all of these, and i especially like them as a whole big group of totally usin' up those papers!!!

    ps: the last sentiment does seem awkward AS a sentiment, but as part of a song lyric (which it is, of "the way you look tonight") it's kind of AMAZING, especially when sung by frank sinatra:

    Some day,
    when I'm awfully low
    When the world is cold
    I will feel a glow
    just thinking of you
    And the way you look tonight

    (trust me--& old blue eyes--it's good!) :)

  2. I like all of them. I agree that the sentiment on the last one is a little odd. If you cut out the "will" it would be unbalanced. Odd.

  3. Fun set of cards. Love that last card particularly!
    So bright and fun play with words.
    beesmom from split coast


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