Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Washi CASE

Well, I set out to make my card for this weekend's Operation Write Home Blog Hop, but I failed to read the directions, so instead I bring you five cards I made using washi tape. Yep, they are perfect OWH cards, but not what we were asked to do for Saturday. Sigh.

I was CASEing this card I saw in my blog-reading travels, but instead of making it my whole card, I made panels. You all know I like to work on panels ... I destroy less card stock that way. Here's one of them, then I'll explain:

The panel is 3.5"x4.5" on which I wrapped the washi tape, then I stuck it to the card base and added a sentiment. Too easy. I can see this as a great way to disappear some of my washi tape collection.

Here's another one:

Bright and cheery, dontcha think?

Here's another birthday one:

This panel is smaller - only 3" x 4". I decided I liked the larger panels better (and they use more tape! :)), but I still used this one since I'd already cut it.

One more:

This one uses a tape that's a little softer ... less "in your face", and I stamped the sentiment with Charcoal ink instead of black.

Bonus: I started off with pre-cut 4.25"x5.5" panels that were trimmed to 3.5"x4.5", and the sentiments were all stamped on the cut-offs. Nice, huh?

I made one more, but I just thought of a way to salvage it for Saturday's OWH hop. :)  I'm off to work on that, and maybe a few other things.

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: Scotch washi tape I was enabled to need when I left my direct path and went wandering in an office supply store, and the following:


  1. I like 'em. I'm gonna CASE 'em, too.

  2. never seen washi look so good! love your cards

  3. oh ack. soooooo totally sounds like something i would do. the "wrong challenge" part, not the "brilliant multiple card take on C&S cards" part, obviously. that is something only *YOU* can do with such awesome-osity! (ps: & YEAH i like to washi or ribbon on panels, so i can hide the ends. sometimes i also SEW around the panel if i think the products in question might misbehave later.) :0

  4. As a fellow cardstock waster I am totally stealing your idea of working on panels!! And I love love love that washi!!! I feel a CASE coming on!!

  5. Hi Leslie, Thanks for CASing my card! So fun! :-)
    I love the cards you made! And very clever to put the washi tape on a panel instead. Great way to hide those edges! xo Tone


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