Sunday, May 18, 2014

Love You Bunches

When I grow up, I'd like to have a fraction of the talent that Jennifer McGuire has in her pinkie* finger. Seriously. The other day she posted this video where she colors with pigment inks. Even though she colors over white ink (starting about 2:45 into the video), the idea of using pigment inks to color an image stuck in my brain, so I had to try it.

I still had my Hero Arts Night & Day stamp set out (surprise), and I made this:

I stamped the image in Hero Arts Soft Vanilla, then used Memento Luxe inks and Fantastix to color it. I started with the Morocco, added some Love Letter to the flowers' centers, then went over the petals with a little more Morocco to blend it. I only used one color - Pear Tart - for the leaves, as I don't have a darker green, yet. :) For the flower centers, I added some dots of black glaze pen. This also let me stamp my sentiment in black, which I like to do. I like the contrast.

I thought about stamping the image outline over the solid flowers, but then I thought this kinda looked like water color, or at least hand-painted (pffth, yeah, right) so I left it alone. I also thought about adding some bling in the upper right to fill in some of that {shudder} white space, but I was strong and left it alone, too.

My biggest hurdle was finding just the right color card base, and I found it in a box of card stock my pal Joy gifted to me. It's one of the Hero Arts Artist papers, and it has a mix of reds that was just right for these flowers. Thanks, Joy! :)

Coloring with pigment ink was crazy-easy to do. I'd do this again before I'd water color. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

* pinky? pinkie? I wanted pinky, but Blogger spell-check was unhappy. It also thinks "bling" isn't a word. I think we need to either have a separate crafter dictionary, or else Blogger needs to "learn" words we use all the time and stop complaining.


  1. That is such a wonderful stamp, and I love what you did with it again!

  2. What a sweet bunch of posies! I love the colors, so bright and cheerful.


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