Friday, May 16, 2014

OCC: Watercolor for Card Makers, Day 9 & 10 Homework

Days 9 & 10 of the current Online Card Classes - Watercolor for Card Makers focused on Freehand Watercoloring. After my brain started to hiccup during the faux hand-painting days, I pretty much just sat with my mouth open during days 9 & 10. Man, those women can paint! The "just sketch a hummingbird" made me laugh out loud. Unless I start doing abstract painting, which ain't gonna happen, I cannot draw, period.

BUT, one of the samples I decided I'd try to do, because it was just making a mess with splattered paint. I can do this! Here's my card:

Mine is not nearly as nice as the class example, but I did free-hand the tree trunk and the grass. As an added bonus, my entire work space is speckled now. And so am I. :)

I'm not sure if you'll ever see me water color without doing class homework, but you just never know. I can add it as an "I technically know how to do this" item to my crafty arsenal, and maybe one day I'll incorporate a small part of it into my repertoire. Could happen. :)

I'm quite happy I've taken the class - don't get me wrong. Every one of these OCC classes has been worth every penny, and more. I just know me pretty well, that's all. :)

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  1. Great tree! My trunk got too thick.

  2. It's very pretty. I love the watercolor look, but I am not good at it.


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