Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Still Pluggin' Away

I'm still working on that pile of MAMBI card stock. Yesterday I managed to make two (TWO) cards. It's gotten bad, people, real bad.  BUT, I also opened and used my new-to-me Simon Says Stamp All Boy set that I needed to own for the sneakers image. Yes, I said "sneakers", and yes, I broke my 50% rule of needing to like at least 50% of the images in a set before I let myself buy it. I should be flogged.

But two cards were made, and they don't suk, so here's the first one:

Do you see those colors? These are the remnants from when I made these cards for OWH. I love them. I love them together. I can't put them away. I might have a problem.

This is also another example of me stamping without a net. I started with the shoes, then went from there. I liked the chevron rectangle, but the white circle with the shoes disappeared into the right side of the card background, so I cut a half-circle from another piece of the chevron, lined it up behind the white circle, and voila! It worked.

I added some wood veneer stars, but I also stamped one on the banner. A wood one didn't look right there, and this way I used another stamp in the set. :)

Here's the second card I made:

This one started out with the dotted piece of paper to which I'd added a strip of the chevron. Then I rounded the corners. Then I decided the white circle looked fine on the orange dots. Then I added the sentiment banner.  Then it looked lost on the white card base, plus I had no vertical element.

I went in search of a vertical striped stamp that would work on a landscape card. FAIL FAIL However, I do have the Simon Says Stamp Diagonal Stripe Stencil, so I put the diagonal on a diagonal like this:

and sponged on some Soft Pool ink. I made it darker at the top and faded it out towards the bottom. I did have to move the stencil part way through the process, but it was easy to line up. I only made one boo-boo in the bottom right corner, but ... it's handmade, right? ;/

Oh, and the strip of tape at the top protects the back of the card. I need all the help I can get.

That's two more cards done. I hope to work on that MAMBI paper on and off until it's GONE!

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  1. I too got this set solely for the shoes...hubs wears chuck taylors and chuck taylors only. I am not even sure if he has dress I haven't cracked it open yet, but hope to soon. Thanks for inspiring me to get hoppin.

  2. ooooooooh! not only do i LOVE this card, the making tape placement totally gave me a big AHA moment!!!!!! (not that i think i'll be making anything with a clean white background any time soon... or, well, prolly EVER... but it's nice to know there's a bit of a trick!!!) :)


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