Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Miss You

I now present the last of the cards I made at Saturday's crop. These were more "me", and I used a bunch of already-cut remnants from a 6x6 pad to make them.

Here's one:

All paper remnants. I just stamped the sentiment and stuck it to another remnant. Done. Too easy.

Here is the other one:

I might have put this striped paper on upside down. Oh, wait, I meant to do that. :)

My lesson learned: I can work easily inside my comfort zone, as can most of us. It's good to stretch your wings a bit now and then, but when something doesn't work for me, I need to know when to back off and not stress myself with the effort to make it work. I need stamping to be fun, and I choose to only keep going with things that don't make me crazy. I do have that option, you know. :)

And lest you think I'm retreating into my cocoon, I'm taking the new Online Card Classes Watercolor for Card Makers class, so I'm still stretching a bit. All is not lost. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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