Sunday, May 25, 2014

One 12x12 paper = 11 Cards - Whoot!

Today I went into the craft room with no specific plan, except maybe to do a few of the challenges I keep printing out and not doing. Then I spied a piece of floral fabric paper I picked up at a recent crop (it was a door prize). I selected this piece of paper because, even though I have a small collection of fabric paper, this one had flowers, and I thought I could cut them out and actually use them. So that's what I set out to do today.

I started by cutting up the 12x12 paper into sections of flowers & leaves:

The background is a dark dotted brown, and I decided to keep a border around each flower for contrast, then put them on Kraft card stock. You can see one flower I'd already cut. Also note it has a flat side; that's because it was on the edge of the paper. This also made placement very easy, which you'll see in a moment.

Here's my first card, then I'll explain:

I have a stack of Hero Arts note cards gifted to me by my pal Joy *waves*, so I grabbed some Latte ones and used them for all the bases. I then went through all the cut flowers and decided where I'd put them on the bases, peeled off the backing (the paper is self-adhesive - yay!) and stuck them down.  This one may or may not have started with a flat edge, but it didn't fit on the card, so I let it hang over the edges, then trimmed it.

Here's #2:

Again, it slopped over the edges, so I trimmed it after I stuck it down.

The sentiments were all selected after-the-fact, as I tend to stamp without a net. However, this also lets me select sentiments based on how they fit, which is kinda fun. :)

Does anyone else get The Golden Girls theme song stuck in their head when they use this sentiment? No? Just me? Okay, then.


This one was definitely on a corner of the 12x12 paper, which made placement on the card base a cinch! And yes, some of the edges are frayed, partly because my scissors need to be sharpened, and partly because it's fabric, and fabric frays. At least that's the excuse I used to stop trying to fix them.


This one stre-e-e-e-etches across the card, and I had to trim off the leaves on the left. I still like it.


This one actually fit with no trimming! I added some sequins to each of them to fill in some of the empty. At this point I'd run out of tiny pink ones, so the card got green & yellow, even though there is no yellow in this cut-out. I'm so random.


This one was another edge flower, so I hung it off the top of the card. The central set of leaves cut the card in two, so I put the sentiment on one side and the sequins on the other.


Same deal as the previous card, but this one has an interestingly placed sequins: right in the middle of the sentiment. You see, the sentiment has "everyday" as one word, when I believe it should be two words. You are thankful for someone every day, but thinking of them is an everyday occurrence. I could totally proof stamps before they go to the manufacturer to prevent these gaffes, maybe for stamps in exchange. I'll get to work on that.

You now understand why I was compelled to cut apart this sentiment to correct it. Unfortunately it's written in script, and I did a bad job of trimming it, so there is a little tail on the "d" that needed to be covered up. Since I have no plans to ever put these two words back together, I shall trim it better for next time.


Another big 'un. I only had to trim it a little, and sentiment placement was easy.


GAH! Out of focus. Sorry for the vertigo attack.

Another flower from the edge of the 12x12 paper. Moving on because of the fuzzy.


Another edge piece, and easy placement.

#11 (and last):

This one makes me twitch a little because of all the empty, but the edge flower and lone leaf I thought dictated a Miss You sentiment.

That's it! One 12x12 piece of paper yielded eleven cards for OWH. And that piece of floral paper is GONE!

I'm going back in there to see what else I can disappear. Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: Dear Lizzy Apricot Afternoon adhesive-backed fabric paper (this is just a link to a store I found that carries it so you can see the paper in its original state), and the following:


  1. Those are lovely. I would never have thought to cut out those flowers, but they look great on the kraft card stock.


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