Tuesday, May 27, 2014

SOS153: Background Check

Happy Tuesday, and welcome to a new challenge over at Shopping Our Stash. This week we'd like you to stamp a background. No pretty paper, no water coloring, no embossing paste & stencils - you have to use stamps!

I had a lot of ideas for this one, but ended up choosing a new-to-me technique, which made it very difficult and fussy, as is my method. Here's my card, then I'll explain:

This may not look like much stamping, but there are actually two different kinds. First, I followed Jennifer McGuire's recently posted technique, mostly because I never pay attention to the tiny stamps included in most stamp sets. There is a vast, untapped collection there, my friends!

Here is the piece of custom paper I made using her technique:

heh heh I cut it up before I took the photo, so I had to put it back together for you. I used a bunch of tiny stamps from the Paper Smooches sets listed below, stamped them in Versamark, and colored with every stinkin' one of my Zing embossing powders. I did them in small groups, then filled in with single stamps as the images got closer together. It was kinda fun to do!

I only wanted to use a strip of the paper on my card, but since this challenge is Backgrounds, I felt guilty. So, I stamped the same images with white ink onto the white card base. Here's my attempt to prove to you I really did stamp them:

I didn't emboss these; I just let it dry.

Then I added the colored, cut-out juke box on foam tape. Finally I added Glossy Accents to the lights of the juke box. I used to actually have one of these, and the lights are like bubbling color, and making it glossy was as close to that as I could get. See:

I colored the inside of the juke box with a cool grey Copic so it wasn't stark white, though it's difficult to tell here with my crack photography skillz.

So there you have it - I stamped two different backgrounds. I think you should come over to SOS and play along with us!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow what and awesome job, oh my word what a lot of work to make that paper. And a great way to use those little stamps we all ignore. Fabulous Background check!!!

  2. holy *WOW* that is genius, and it's heartening (to me, lol) to see that your method was very nearly as fussy as mine!!! the result is BEEEEEE-autiful, tho, you are the queen of stamps AND techniques!!!!! :)

  3. Throwing in a third WOW!
    That background is all kinds of awesome...what level of patience do you have exactly??? This is all kinds of awesome!!!

  4. So cute and makes me want to drop a coin in and dance the night away! LOVE the way you did that strip and also the entire background. I never think of those little stamps either! Great!

  5. I love this card. Your background paper is perfect and you did an awesome job with the juke box. The Glossy Accents is perfect - that stuff hates me.

  6. Super cool!! And you have way more patience than I do. Can I place an order for some custom background paper now? Heehee! And why does your jukebox look like it has eyes? Or am I paranoid? Anyway, love your very colorful, super cute card. :)

  7. Well now I can see a face in the jukebox too! I love the glossy - that is the perfect touch! and the background...multiple powders? No visible stray bits? SO cool!


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