Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SOS #93 - Sassy, Snarky or LOL

It's Tuesday, and that means there's a new challenge at Shopping Our Stash. This week our theme is Sassy, Snarky and LOL. It's time to dig out those fun sentiments and images, or pair something typically not snarky with a sassy saying, or maybe you have some funny family pictures that need a fun layout. Time to put the FUN back in crafting!

Many of you know I have a vast collection of snark and irreverence, so the most difficult thing for me was which one to use. I went with something mild and made this:

It's an old GinaK set called So Groovy, and I love it. This card is made of all remnants except for the base, and yes, I am very proud. I stamped the bus onto some patterned paper I've had in The Heaplet for a looong time. After I cut it out, I colored the tires black, cut out the windows, layered a piece of acetate behind the window openings, and drew a few flowers to discretely cover some ink smudges. (Shhh, don't tell anyone.)

The blue layer was laying lying sitting on my desk, tossed aside from Saturday's efforts to make this card, so it became the sky background for today's card. A few clouds, some obligatory birds, a road to "ground" the van, and DONE!

Now it's YOUR turn! Go into your stash and find some snarky, sassy or just plain FUN sentiments and images, or pair something typically not snarky with a sassy saying, or use some family pictures in a fun layout. Bust out of your sandbox and HAVE FUN! Then come back to Shopping Our Stash and link us up so we can see what you've made!

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  1. i ♥LOVE♥ this one! love♥LOVE♥loooooove this one! ok, admittedly, i love ALL your cards & i especially love your snark ones, (b/c you do that SO WELL!) but this one is a level above even your usual standard, which is saying something! the blue sky paper! the paper-pieced micro bus! the sentiment! (inna CLOUD!!!) the ribbon road!!!! i could go on (& ON & on....) but basicailly this just rocks on every single level.

    ps: my birthday is 6-30 & i'm old enough to have earned the "retro" tag... jus sayin'... :) :) :)

  2. oooo, I wanna make sure to do this one for sure! I have 2-3 snarky sets but always chicken out of using them!

  3. I so want to play with your snark collection :) A snarker after my own heart! I love the bus - and the perfect doodly flowers!

  4. LOVE this!! How perfect to stamp the bus on patterned paper! I love that!!! Oh My Gosh!! and I had no idea you were covering smudges with flowers you drew on. It looks amazing! And that sentiment? That's my dad!!!!


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