Friday, May 15, 2009

An All-Critter Post (Mostly)

While this is mostly a critter post, first I must bring you a little silliness. I was at the PO tonight mailing off Coral's Blog-iversary winnings, and in a weak moment I purchased these:

Why? I have no idea. I only ever buy Breast Cancer stamps for the few letters I do mail, but, well, just a silly moment. What else can I say?

Let's move on to the critter portion of the evening.

What is it about cats and boxes? I have had this box since Tuesday (it used to contain my new IKEA cabinet parts-is-parts), and tonight she decided to adopt the thing. Now how will I ever be able to recycle it?!?!

Did you notice the tape on the back of the chair? Cats hate tape, so it was my attempt to keep her from scratching the back of the chair. How's it working? Let's just say I have come to embrace fuzzy furniture in addition to the fuzzy vertical blinds. It's just part of the package.

See the pot o'dirt? It is still in the Living Room, as dragging it outside sounds like work. I can sooo walk around it for a while.

Let's move on to some stamping!

A week or two ago I bought these stamps when I read Lydia's post and followed her link to the store to purchase them. (She designed the one on the left.)

Then the other night as I rummaged in my bags of papers, I found this piece of kitty paper. (paper by KI Memories) Do you see where I am going with this? I went here:

The kitty paper screamed "River Rock", so I obliged. I used Pumpkin Pie (sorry, Kristie) as the accent color to perk it up a bit. Lucky (luckily?) for me, I've hoarded everything 'In Color' from the beginning. ;-)

I debated over which sentiment to use, and this one was my second choice. My first choice was "Do I look like a freaking people person?" I was not sure people-people would understand a cat that referred to itself as a 'person', so I opted for the second-choice sentiment.

I went a little nuts here and made this one striped by inking it and then removing stripes of the ink with my blender pen.

For both of these guys, I used a tiny heart brad in the spot where the un-inked heart is. I only have about 289 of these hearts left in the stash. Sigh.

Then I rescued two images I'd stamped pre-Clean Sweep from the New Heap table (gotta keep that baby from becoming a full-fledged Heap, you know), and I made these:

I pulled some papers from my DCWV Cat Book and Dog Book of papers (of course I have both!) The ribbon works, I am convinced, because it is sheer enough to mask the fact that it is not exactly the right color. Gotta love that.

You need to see the dog card first, which is, um, why I posted it first. Check out the sentiment. I totally copied that off a Great Dane calendar I have at work. (Hey, it was only $1!) I lovelovelove this sentiment, so I used it! It is important for you to understand the original sentiment before you see how I hacked it.

Here is the kitty version of the card. Similar card parts, and you see how how I modified the sentiment? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know - cats love hard, too, but not all cats are lap cats like mine, so it's kinda difficult to tell with some cats that they like you for anything besides being a food source.

A short story to support my last statement. I used to occasionally watch a friend's two cats when they went away, and I was always welcomed at the front door, and the cats played with me and everything. Naturally, as soon as I got there, they showed me downstairs to where their empty bowls were, and I dutifully fed them then waited upstairs for them to join me so I could dole out some lovin'. I recounted to my friend how the boys met me at the door every day, so they must like me or something. She pointed out that they'd greet the boogie man if he'd provide food, so I should not delude myself further. What a bummer, but she was right!

So ANYway, that's why I modified the sentiment the way I did. Cats nap - nuf said.

Time to bag & tag these guys and get some shut-eye. Tomorrow is supposed to be HH&H (Hazy, Hot & Humid), so I need to be well-rested for the market.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I need some of those Simpsons stamps! I rarely use stamped either- but I NEED those stamps.

  2. I LOVE these cat and dog cards! That KI paper is perfect with your stamp. The added heart embellie is awesome too. But my fave is the last dog and cat and how well you colored them...and the sentiments to coordinate :)

  3. These cards are sooooooooooo cute...especially that puppy one! I love it so much I'll even excuse your use of the dreaded PP!


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