Friday, May 1, 2009

Random Randomness - Enter At Your Own Risk

I am full of randomness today, so I thought I'd subject you to it, too. Hey, it could be fun, you never know! Be careful - I change topics without notice!

Remember the other day when I showed you my yellow car, and told you about how it is tree pollen season here in the DC area? Well, it's been raining, and while rain washes the pollen off the cars, it also makes these seed pod thingies fall out of the trees and they then replace the yellow haze. They look like worms, but they are not. In fact, you can see the yellow haze around some of them on my sidewalk. Ugh.

And yes, those are dead plants. Wanna make something of it?!

The rain 'washed' my car, but look what I have in its place. Double-ugh. I had to run my wipers so I could see out of the windshield. (whine, whine, whine ...)

This is one of the best bumper stickers I have seen this year. It's fuzzy and out of focus, but I was stopped at a red light, trying to get out my camera and turn it on and focus and shoot the picture before she knew what was happening and had time to call the police.

This car was in the parking garage at work. It had obviously been parked under one of the gazillion flowering trees in the area. When the wind blows and it is not raining, it looks like pink rain. So cool!

These are my latest acquisition - kitty stamps! I saw them on Lydia's blog, and I knew I had to possess them. I hope to actually stamp with them this weekend. There are three stamps total for sale, and they benefit homeless animals; I just got two of them. Go on over there and check them out!

Last Fall I bought this dried gourd from Farmer Mike, and this Spring I put it out in my tree. Within a few days, I saw a tiny bird poking its head in there, then flying away, and I am pretty sure there is a little family in residence right now. I took about 84 pics trying to capture some evidence of the occupants, but I failed. But I swear I can see movement in there! I am giddy with glee!!!!

Okay, okay, I stamped something. I actually stamped two things, but one of the cards is being mailed, so it will not post until tomorrow so the recipient might actually get it before it hits the blogosphere.

This card is almost as bizarre as my day has been random. I had a freaky idea of how to color the owl last night, then I gave up and went to bed. This evening, I looked at it again and decided to go with the theme of the day and add some random layers! I had a strip of that brown and green and blue paper left from the card I made and mailed; I had that piece of die-cut green that was the back of some rub-on packaging and was just laying there, taunting me; I cut both the vanilla and the brown shapes from scraps (yay!) ... added the owl and a few brads... stamped the sentiment (crooked) ... done

I bagged and tagged it before I could change my mind. I'll let you know if it ever sells.

Since I've been home this evening, I've run around like a crazy(ier) person ... looking for receipt books ... printing out the updated inventory list for my cards for sale at Chloe's ... looking for the hardware for my card rack ... putting my permit into my bag ... picking out the SU orders for people who will pick them up at the market tomorrow ... and making a note to myself to remember to put the boxes of CARDS in my car before I leave in the morning. It would be just like me to leave the cards at home!!!!

Enough randomness for you? Okay, I'll sign off for now and maybe go stamp something. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You AND your card is a hoot :)
    I like the colors in the owl and the dp!

  2. love the owl card


    yes still in hospital. Wouldn't skip reading you blog

  3. You are definitely a hoot...LOL!!!!
    I enjoy your random posts...makes me feel good that I'm not the only person on the planet like that!!!!
    I want those kitty stamps too and the self-imposed spending ban is traumatic when you see such cuteness! Can't wait to see what you make with them :)

  4. every single time i see THAT OWL i
    want it!!!!!! so far, i haz resisted. but now...oooooooooooh...i think you may have added the colorful card which broke the stamp-cravin' camel's back!!! YIKES!!!

    (i love the random bits, as's just...THAT OWL...he's soooooo hypnotic!!!) :)


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