Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday Mojo

Well, I guess my mojo is back. It all started on Saturday when #2 and I headed to Angela's. She needed to touch-and-smell some rubbah, and I had an order to pick up, so off we went. And spent. When I got home, I struggled for a bit with some ideas I've had, still trying and mostly failing, but then I did something I almost never do: I pulled a piece of paper from my new stuff and I used it! I usually let that stuff age for a few months before it gets used. Heck, I still haven't touched most of the stuff I bought two trips ago! But it worked. :-)

Check out this paper. It is thin and a perfect match for Kraft card stock. It is technically Teal, but I paired it with PTI's Ocean Breeze. The sentiment was printed on the 'puter cuz I failed to find a stamp like it, though I sure looked! The new Verve release has two super Dad sets, but at this point I'll wait. I think.

Here's another version of the same card. I broke open my new Pinking Circles Nesties and use them for the sentiment and layer. I got these because I thought they'd be perfect to use for string art, but now that I see them here, I think I need to get the other size so they layer a little better.

At one point on Sunday, this was one corner of my work space. I had no fewer than seven (7) projects in progress; talk about unfocussed! When I had only six sitting there, I went into The Other Room and printed off some City Cards. I then added them to the pile, making it seven partial projects. I was DETERMINED to actually finish one or two of them ... let's see how I did!

I took the two colored cupcakes (stamped images courtesy of Miss Kristie; I colored them last weekend, I think) and I made this card and the next one.

The base on this is PTI Aqua Mist, as is the ribbon. The scallop circle was cut from a piece of scrap SU Tempting Turquoise, and the sentiment is also PTI.

For this one, the base and ribbon are PTI Lemon Tart, the scallop circle is a scrap of SU Groovy Guava, and again, same PTI sentiment.

The bow on this one covers an unfortunate mis-cut with the circle Nestie (it ran off the piece of paper, and is not perfectly round). :-(

Sigh. That's all I have to say about this one.

Next up, I give you a card I CASEd when this set first debuted. I liked it, I made it, I hung it on the door/gallery, and it's still there! I liked how the orange striped ribbon, which is sooooo something I would not normally use, actually works here! So what to do this year with this set that is just collecting dust ...

... I made a few of these! This card has a story to tell. Shhhhh ... listen ... hoarding is a good thing! IT IS, and I have PROOF!

One of the things on my To Do list this weekend was to empty one box in The Other Room. I went in there Sunday to do just that, and I saw no actual boxes. I did attack a pile of some old SU business supplies given to me by a former downline who had no use for them. Apparently, neither did I. I recycled most of the stuff, and put the box of catalogs with my collection of boxes of retired catalogs. (I have a plan to get rid of about 15 retired catalogs this Winter. Really!)

I then moved on to another section of stuff, and I spied something veeeeeery interesting. Paper! (surprise!) But this was not just ANY paper. This was some SU paper from a loooong time ago when SU made 8 1/2 x 11 paper in some of its 48 colors. I have it all, of course, and I made a mental note to see if maybe I could sell it on SCS.

Then I began working on these apple cards. Notice the original version up above all that blathering. It has a red card base, topped with a piece of Summer Picnic (I soooo wanted to type pic-i-nic) DS paper. I do not like to do the insides of cards, so I thought I'd layer some Real Red card stock under the DSP, then put it on a white card base, but then ... LIGHT BULB! I grabbed two pieces of red paper from The Other Room and used it as the layers. So light, so not heavy, so GOOD! Sigh. I love it when something actually works!

Oh, that sentiment is something else I snagged at Angela's, with the idea to use it on this card. See? I sometimes have a plan.

Back to the stack of partially-finished projects. I've used the cup cake images. I've used the little Snag 'Em sentiment. And I actually did color, bag & tag all the City Cards that are stacked up there on the lamp base.

Left to tackle:
--> License Plate Father's Day cards
--> License Plate Grad cards (they are in the pile there, somewhere)
--> Grad ducks (yes, ducks)
--> Roses.
--> Ducks driving car. Yes, I actually typed that, and plan to make them.
--> Use that grommeted card part, salvaged from one of my failed efforts, and do ... something with it.

Sure sounds like grandiose plans, huh? Hey, at least I finally have a plan! Looks like I'll be busy this week. I'll be sure to show you what I end up making, as I make them.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Kraft is obviously back in style...I think I am going to have to buy some ;)

    Those cupcakes are cute! Who makes them? Wait. never mind. I do not need more cupcake stamps. I do not need more cupcake stamps. I do not...

    Your teacher cards are adorable! I think I need to try something like that...

  2. Hold the phone! Are the pinking circle nesties from SU punches or purchased elements? Please say punches?! They are most excellent!

    Love the cards, love the cat.

  3. LOVE ALL THESE CARDS!!! Girlfriend, you are back!

    License Plate Father's Day Cards...Like this idea...might have to CASE idea till I can see the real thing from you!

    And of course, Kitty is very cute as always. My cat, Chevy, sends her best and says that Stampin' Up! boxes are the best to play in! Have you tried one upside down and propped up on a coffee table so that there's a hidey-hole underneath?

  4. you think I should tell June that the cupcake stamp is Magnolia???
    All these cards are spectacular, love them! You've been very productive...I'm impressed :)
    I am really looking forward to seeing the ducks driving cars...oh yes, that will be something to look forward to :) Can't wait!


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