Saturday, May 2, 2009

Market Update and a Card

Today was the first market of the season, and it was a VERY good day! I had one of my best sales days ever, and that is insane for the first day! Usually people don't even know we're open yet. But today was also the first May Day parade, and it went right down the street in front of our market, so we had added traffic (we assume) from the parade watchers. Hey, a sale is a sale, right? :-)

The bakery people showed up, set up, and we were on them like locusts. I did NOT get this:

This decadent pastry should be outlawed. I put a quarter next to it on top of the case so you could see that when I say it is as big as my head, that I am not exaggerating (much).

It rained a little bit (mostly just during the parade), but some of those in attendance were appropriately dressed.

And then we saw this. I followed at a safe distance (geese are not the friendliest of creatures, and these had babies in tow) and took the following shots.

Here's the proud parents and their three little ones, just walking down the sidewalk.

They turned the corner ...

... crossed the street ... (people in these parts understand geese crossings, especially this time of year) ...

... did a little window shopping, and went on their way. It was sooooo cute to watch!

When I got home, I made this for my Stamp Camps next weekend. I have been dying to open and use this set; sadly people need a lot of sympathy cards lately, so this one should be well-received by The Ladies.

I colored the tree with Choc Chip and Always Artichoke markers and stamped it onto a piece of DS paper from the To The Nines collection from SU. It came out a little mottled since the paper is textured, but I think it still looks fine. The sentiment is stamped in Choc Chip. The DS paper piece is layered on Always Artichoke (from The Heap) and the base is Sahara Sand. The ribbon is SU Satin Mellow Moss. I wanted to use Choc Chip satin, but as usual, I do not have enough, and there is no time to order it and have it get here by next weekend. The more I look at this, I really like the Mellow Moss. ;-)

That's all for today - thanks for stopping by!


  1. This is a lovely card...the more I see this stamp used the more I like it :) It might just end up at my house after all!
    Congrats on your great market sales too...perhaps this bodes well for the rest of the season and you'll be super busy making tons of cards to keep up!

  2. MMM is that a cream cheese Kolache?

    SW - "unkers"

    My arnts & unkers used to make kolaches like that!

  3. That pastry is insanely huge...enough for at least 4 people!

    And I LOVE that card. Must be that green is the sympathy color of the week? ;)

  4. oh WOW, this is gorgeous and so PERFECT for the task! and a great subject for a "stamp camp" as the main thing is to make such cards IN ADVANCE...cause just cannot make them on a "need" basis, can you? (well, i can't!)

    awesome market pics, btw!!! ♥♥♥

  5. I always enjoy your market posts. I guess the flower guy isn't there yet? Wahoo for YOU on a spectacular sales day too :)

    I love the soft greens and your card. I love that stamp set! It may be my fave along with heartfelt thanks. Very pretty card.


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