Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Movies, 'Maters, and a Card

[Caution: much whining ahead. But there's a card at the end, if you just want to skip down to that part. ;-)]

Today was an interesting day. Well, outside of the incredibly irritating commute that got me to the office a full 30 minutes late, the need to state the obvious one too many times to co-workers, followed by the late commute home, the rest of my day was interesting.

For starters, I cancelled my Netflix account. I stopped going to movies several years ago when one too many people talked through the whole movie, their kids were running up and down the aisles, and the rest of the people were on cell phones. Too much money for that type of experience, so I just stopped going. I finally joined Netflix, choosing the cheap-cheap $4.95 option, which got me two movies a month, one at a time. I then attempted to create a queue. Not easy, since like most TV, there was nothing to interest me. I loaded up a few historical fiction movies, watched a few recommended by friends, and basically congratulated myself that I did not pay full price to see any of them in the theater.

As my queue dwindled, I started getting reminders from Netflix that I should add more to my queue. This was the beginning of the end. I finally decided the $5/month was just not worth it, as it sometimes took me a whole month to actually sit still long enough to watch a movie. Case in point: I just returned my last movie un-opened. See? Cancelling was the right decision!

As an added bonus, as soon as I cancelled, I got an email - not thanking me for my patronage; not telling me they'd take me back and the process to re-join; nothing positive at all. I got a short message: Membership cancelled - please return movie. Niiiiice, huh?

On a POSITIVE note, one of my stamping customers (the one trying to get me to looooooove the Cricut - it's not working) stopped by this evening to pick up her May SU order and also to retrieve her CSA goods from this past weekend's market (I'd picked them up for her as she and Hubby were out of town). As I filled up her waiting arms, when we got to the tomatoes she informed me they both detest fresh tomatoes, and unless there was an abundance of them in their CSA (like enough to make sauce or something), I was welcome to them. O-M-G - free home-grown 'maters!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL SUMMER LONG! I cannot stand the good fortune! Woo-hoo!!!! Doin' the Happy Dance here! I may have to compensate her with stampin' supplies when we get into July and move from the hot-house 'maters to the grown out in the field 'maters. Be still my heart.

On to the card du jour. I wanted to make a quick Thank You card tonight, and I made three of these in about 25 minutes:

Please step back from your computer screen so you can actually SEE this blurry card. In real life it is NOT blurry, but they are all written and sealed in addressed envelopes, so I have no opportunity to try for a decent photo. Sorry about that. Also, please ignore the Star Wars-esque effect. Bad camera angle on top of being blurry. Sigh.

As usual, I used the supplies that were at hand, which would be some partial pieces of Summer Pic-i-nic papers (there, I said it) and my orange striped ribbon.

This was too easy. This is even all SU! Wow. I did sacrifice a few white pieces for the bases and a piece of Bashful Blue for the layers and to punch out the scallops.

I'm working on some Dad and Grad projects. Hmmm ... that might be a good title for a future post. Until then, thanks for stopping by!

[End of whining.]


  1. Mama got her lovely goodies in the mail today and she says thank you, thank you, thank you :) She loved it all and can't wait to have a play...especially with all those yummy papers!
    Your card is cute...despite that blatant PP use!!!

  2. Very cute card. Sweet, simple, well-balance and perfectly put together. I like it, blurry or not ;)

  3. what are you talking about??! it's NOT blurry...i'm lookin' at it right now on my desk...not blurry AT ALL...quite amazingly gorgeous and cheerful, too!!! ♥

    (a belated thank you for the "thank you" and you're welcome--in advance--for the "you're welcome"!!!!!)


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