Saturday, May 9, 2009

Today was a glorious day! The sun was out when I left for the market, and even though the Rain & Cloud Gods threatened us, the sun won out! Yay! This was the view from my table. Quite pretty, I'd say!

The market traffic was pretty brisk, but there were not a lot of buyers. Back to normal! But we always have a good time all the same. :-)

Last week I blogged about how I had more cards than would fit into my space, and although I got several most-excellent suggestions for presentation, I thought I'd show you my dilemma.

This is the box that holds my Birthday and Thank You cards. This box is the one that is too full, and since expanding my table space is not an option this year, I needed to thin the herd so people could actually take cards out to look at them! (They were in there pretty tight.) Last week I just did not put them all out, but today I tried an overflow box in front of the big box (you can see it there in the bottom left corner), and it worked out pretty well! Let's hope I sell a lot of Birthday cards in the next few weeks. Oh, and I'll need to stop making more, too! Like that'll happen ...

A little market diversion (I told you sales were slow) - check out this little pig! The Rock Lady finds rocks that 'speak' to her, then she paints them and does these really cute presentations. :-) Isn't he cute?!

When I got home, I checked my email and I had this "Gift of Love" from Miss June! Lookie:

I am supposed to pass it on to five more people, but you know what? Once again, everyone I know already got it! So if you read my blog and you do not already have this lovely badge, please feel free to take it!

I was all aglow with the love, so I went off and cut up all the card stock for the Stamp Camp kits for tomorrow and Monday. I bagged them all and cleaned up a little (scary, I know!), so all I need to do tonight is set up the stations and go to bed! But while I was cleaning up the tables, these two pieces of paper fell together, and this card happened:

I kinda like it! The floral and the Rose Red DS papers were just asking to be used together; the sentiment is from the Together Forever SU set that I had not put away yet; I did have to get the Cuttlebug out of The Other Room to cut out the sentiment, but that turned out to be a good thing, since I'd forgotten I needed to pre-cut a bunch of shapes using one of the SU dies for my kits; the ribbon is from a little pile of scrap ribbon on my work table; the pearls are from a little bag of goodies I won on Angela's blog when she was at her last Craft Show Extravaganza. (I straightened them after I took this photo.)

The card has been bagged and tagged, and I really am done playing for a few days. Well, except that I'll need to cook up something for Monday's UHC challenge.

One bad thing that came out of all this: meet The New Heap. Or maybe I should call it a 'heaplet'. Or maybe it's not quite a heap yet, just a heap in the making. You know, with potential to become a heap, maybe, one day. But I PROMISE I'll work on it first before I go back to the other heap. Really!

There's only one day left to enter my Blog-iversary G-I-V-E-A-W-A-Y. Check out the details of what you could win here!

I'm off to finish setting up for tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That floral paper is just what you made with it! It's just the right sentiment for such a pretty card :)
    That pig is amazing! There are some really talented people out there!
    I like seeing how you have your market stall set up...what a lot of cards you have! I hope the sales pick up so that you have room for all your wonderful new creations ♥

  2. That card is GORGEOUS!!! The dsp reminds me of some Anna Griffin paper I think I have somewhere...

    I love the Nestie sentiment, satin ribbon and pearls...LOVELY :)


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