Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Maddie (Redux)

Okay, okay, I added a sentiment. It was bugging me that I could not get it to work last night, and sometimes you just have to walk away - just walk away - to get past the blockage.

Tonight, as I walked in from the Day Job, I greeted kitty and started to walk to the bedroom to get into my jammies. I need to walk past the crafting area to get to the bedroom, and I stopped. I looked. I measured. I finished.

This is the sentiment I had out last night: "It's all about the attitude!". It is one of my first custom one-liners I had made through SU, and I originally got it to go with my Red Hat cards. BTW, that is an incredibly good deal to get a custom one-liner stamp. I have several. :-) And they do not take any longer to arrive - they are just part of a normal order. Just something to keep in mind. Hmmm ... I could get three more: Hippo, Birdie and Two Ewe, couldn't I!?!?! :-)

ANYway, I'd originally stamped the sentiment and just cut it out to size and layered it - too skinny, I think. Tonight I decided to use a rectangle Nestie that was too fat and I lined it up off-center on purpose, so I could add some ribbon (surprise).

But then I got distracted and remembered a DCWV Cat Pack I have in The Other Room, so even though they are white, I stuck on a few cat paws in close-to-the-right colors for the card. And I liiiike. I took the photo of the card before I remembered I wanted to alter the sentiment, so I took a close-up of the "after" sentiment for ya.

Now that I look at it, maybe I should have crossed it out and written in Catitude up above. What do you think? I have until Friday night to re-do it.

On the home front, I have packed away The Heap in anticipation of getting to The Clean Sweep before Saturday night. Hey, a girl can dream. I thought about playing with my new PTI umbrella set in honor of all this freaking rain we've been having. I know all about April showers, but it is May, and if it does not stop raining, the farmers said the strawberries might not make it - they need SOME SUN! A season without fresh strawberries is like ... unNATural, ya know?! It is supposed to clear up by Sunday. We'll see.

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  1. Yep...much better! Love those little paw prints :)
    Mama and I have both made a card for your giveaway and I'll post them on my blog you'll have at least 3 entries :)

  2. We are so alike that it's scary sometimes. I do the same thing...walk by my stamp room and then stop...but it's usually first thing in the morning (after I've greeted Chevy the cat) and BEFORE I get to the gym (and of course, that ends my going to the gym Aaargh!). I love, Love, LOve, LOVe, LOVE it! Now the only thing that I might change is to make the "C" bigger and more pronounced. Really exaggerate it! Otherwise, it's PURRfect!


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