Sunday, May 17, 2009

Market Update and Father's Day

Saturday's Market was buzzing again, even though it was a pretty grey day, but there were not a lot of buyers. We are growing, though, and with all the extra tents, I think we are attracting more attention. The farmers are selling mostly plants right now, but once more veggies start showing up in June, things should get lively.

One of the new vendors sells cut flowers from their property, and they were really pretty! I especially liked these purple ones.

On a related note, the Dahlia guy did not even apply for a permit this year, so sadly, I don't think we'll be seeing any of his wonderful flowers. People at work are crushed, as am I. :-(

Here's a sampling of plants for sale - all sorts of herbs and 'maters and peppers. I did not buy any, because I managed to kill every last one of the plants I got with my CSA last year. I know when to quit.

Those tall things on the left are onions that came back from last year, and I did buy some of those.

Here are Farmer Mike's strawberries. Yum-O! I bought mine early in the day, and it's a good thing, because they went fast, partly because Farmer Margie was selling rhubarb. M-m-m ... Farmer Mike lives two hours South of here, so his growing season is about 2 weeks ahead of ours, so right about the time his berries are gone, the other farmers will have theirs. We like the extended season!

Critter time! (I told you it was a slow day ...)

This is a Sphynx cat, about 5 months old. She's hairless but soooo soft. She really was a sweetheart. Yes, that's a H-D fleece jacket - with no hair, she has trouble staying warm. At home she burrows, but outside she needs help. She was also on a leash, and she loved looking around. She was quite the attention-getter!

Then this little lady wandered in. OMG, soooo cute! She was moving so much it was tough to get a decent photo ... these two are the best of the ones I got.

This is a mix of Beagle & Bull Dog. Her Mom said they are called either Bugles or Beabulls, depending on the mix. She is about 10 weeks old.

Just look at her! So starved for attention!

When I got home yesterday afternoon, I took a quick shower and I rested. After a while I cleaned my veggies, then I rested some more. Today, in between loads of laundry, I finally got to stamping.

One of my regular customers asked if I had any penguin cards, and I did not. But that does not mean I don't have penguin stamps! Normally, I do not make a card because someone asked about it, but she is a regular, and she has asked me now twice, so I obliged. Unfortunately, I forget which occasion she wanted, so I started with Birthday. I can easily change this up to be any other occasion, so we'll see if she likes it.

The image is from one of my not-yet-used Cornish Heritage Farms sets, so I had to cut it out of the rubber sheet to use it. I used my still-out (not put away) Basic Grey Lime Rickey papers, some scraps of card stock from The Heap, some miscellaneous yellow ribbon, and a sentiment from the "OMGIccannotbelieveIspentthatmuchandearnedit" PTI Anniversary Set.

One of my other customers asked about Father's Day cards, and YIKES, but I have not started them yet. I decided to dip into my PTI stash, and pulled out the Polka Dots paper pack and coordinating solids to make this card.

The sentiment is from SU's All Holiday set. I stamped it twice in Ocean Tide and New Leaf, then cut out the center of one to layer on the other.

I must admit, as much as I lovelovelove SU's card stock and coordinating papers, there is something so easy about some of the PTI stuff ... I have slowed down my PTI purchases lately, but I still browse. ;-)

Well, I think I've blabbered enough for one sitting. The laundry calls, and then I'll work on tomorrow's UHC Challenge.

And don't forget, there's only a few more hours left to enter my Blog-iversary GIVEAWAY, Part Second challenge!

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  1. Well, aren't you full of the cutest images today? Ya know I am a cat person, but I love that cute puppy! And your penguin...SO cute. And I love your F's day card. I recently bought my first Cornish Heritage Farm stamp sets...from Angela...those cute owls. I can do F.'s day and graduation with them, if I ever find the time :) I haven't started yet either.

  2. Cute puppies, cute cards too!!! I too must confess a secret longing for PTI stuff...but it won't become a reality very quickly with the cost of their shipping to Australia...if I ever breakdown then it'd be a big order to justify that postage!!!

  3. :))) You make me laugh out loud. I really enjoy your blog and writing. That little bulldog mix. The starved for attention pic. I loved it.


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