Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Today has been glorious! The sun was out, the trees are vibrant from all the rain we've had. The birds were singing! I had all the doors and windows open, and there was a good, stiff breeze all day long. After my morning Stamp Camp, I went outside to enjoy the great outdoors, and that picture above was pretty close to how it actually looked as I glanced over my tree. Like I said - glorious!

Check out this little bird (who was not even remotely quiet). I believe she was chastising me for letting the cat out with me. It was quite a vocal little bird! At one point I could hear a similar response to her calls from another of her flock. Pretty cool.

I am not sure if you recall my post about the Great Moss Massacre of 2008, but I am happy to say some of the moss LIVES! You can kindof see it there between the flagstones and the weeds, but it is there, and it is happy, as am I.

Miss Kitty needed some fresh air, and after checking out some of the weeds and giving them a good chew, she assumed her lounging position. I managed to catch her with her eyes open, but she was mostly in a fog with her eyes closed, breathing in all that Spring smell.

She did shift a few times to get more sun. She loves the sun. It was from this position that I ruined her day by picking her up and bringing her back into the house so I could get ready for the second wave of customers. She was so upset, she went limp, like a rag. Poor is so unfair.

After she accepted her fate of being an indoor cat once again, she rested. Actually, she looked comatose, but I looked closely and saw she was breathing. Doesn't she look like she should have a body outline around her?

Like this?

Welcome to Kitty CSI! (See what happens when I play with the 'puter?)

Okay, okay, back to real life. Don't you wish you could do this? It is so unfair that cats can do this. *I* could do this about 30 years ago.

By the end of the second Stamp Camp, the sun had mostly moved on and she was still out like a light. Well, except for the time she decided to mingle and managed to get her tail stepped on. THEN she went back to her safe spot and fell into a deep kitty sleep again.

Phrase of the day from one of my customers: Stamping Hangover. When you get so involved in projects that you lose track of time and stay up until the wee hours of the morning, only to realize you need to go to bed so you can wake up to go to work in a few hours. When you do wake up, you are suffering from a Stamping Hangover. People at work think you tied one on last night, but really that was just ribbon. They do not believe you. See? Stamping Hangover. Now tell me none of you has ever had one of these!

Remember, there's just a few more hours left to enter my Blog-iversary G-I-V-E-A-W-A-Y! The winner will be announced Monday morning, and Part 2 will be posted on Tuesday!

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  1. I was laughing so loud at your yellow outline of kitty, I think I woke my girls up :)

    I'd better get to bed before I have blog hangover.

    p.s. I was tempted...oh so tempted to by the SU match box die, but I used Sue's at stamp camp last month instead :)


    Is her tail ok?

  3. I just love it when you include kitty photos...she is soooooo cute! Though the out-line photo was slightly disturbing...LOL!
    I'm about to become the proud mama of a puppy today....I saved him from the brink of being put down because no-one wanted him...and I haven't even seen him yet! apparently he's very cute and no doubt there will be cute puppy photos on my blog very soon. Now I just have to think of a name.....

  4. i've just noticed the tagline on yer comments box...hahaha, DUDE!!!...try and STOP ME!!! :)

    ps: KCSI & accompanying photo is CRACKING me up! ta v much, i needed a reaaaaallly good laugh before heading off to work!

    (tonight on KCSI: a bunch of humans are murdered, and the KCSI's investigate...after a long nap...and a bit of tuna. tomorrow on KCSI: a bunch of humans are murdered, and the KCSI's decline to investigate...but still enjoy a long nap...and a bit of tuna.) ♥♥♥


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