Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Catty Tuesday

The other day I mentioned I'd received my For A Cause kitty stamps. I am a sucker for a good cause, especially if it involves homeless kitties and puppies. I thought I'd take this evening to show you what I've made with them so far.

The other night I made these two with Lydia's Maddie stamp.

This one I colored with my Close To Cocoa and Basic Gray markers so it looked like Lydia's other kitty - Splotchy. ;-) I broke out some of my Basic Grey Mellow papers for the layers. The sentiment (very cat-like, you know) is from River City Rubber Works.

This one I just stamped in plain brown and I used a different River City Rubber Works sentiment. (Can you tell I like their stuff?)

Then this evening I broke out the other cat stamp I got and made this card. Not only is that pretty yellow & pink piece a scrap from The Heap, but the cat images were stamped on little squares from the packaging of the 12x12 papers I am giving away here. In a rare moment, I actually saved them, and more surprisingly used them before I did the Clean Sweep. Shocking!

Since it was out, I used the Maddie stamp again and one more scrap for the background. I went a little nuts with the circle layers, and instead of ribbon (!), I used a strip of the Groovy Guava...could it get any more insane? Yes it could, because in addition to no ribbon, there is no sentiment! I had one stamped, mixed it up 12 ways from Sunday, and I still could not get anything I liked, so I decided I didn't want a sentiment that badly. I did finally color her eyes, though, and now I think she looks spooky.

My favorite part of this card was the result of me cutting out the kitty and that clever spiral tail! As I cut it out, it curled, so I decided I liked it that way (hmmmm ... I've sure made a lot of "I like it this way" decisions this evening, huh?) so I left it curly and un-attached. Cool beans!

I closing, I have two things to say:

Go buy some kitty stamps here and help save some cats and dogs!

Don't forget to enter my Blog-iversary G-I-V-E-A-W-A-Y here!

And lastly (okay that's three things), thanks for stopping by!


  1. These kitty cards are all super cute! Personally I love the *bite me* sentiment...one of my favourite come backs to my brother's smart aleck comments :) I really do need to get these stamps...they are soooo cute.

  2. Purple and pink cats? You are getting a little crazy :)

    You know I'm a cat person, so I love all of your cards. For the no sentiment groovy guava card (I will now refer to the no sentiment YET card), I will lend you my stamp that says, "Never trust anyone without cat hair on their clothes."

  3. The cards are awesome and I'm LMAO on the greeting about ditching a man!!!!


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