Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Glorious Market Day

[ETA: I accidentally left the photo upload setting on Large, so all these photos are huge. Sorry about that. I am too lazy to re-upload all of them, so just play along, okay? I thank you.]

I guess I should call this a critter post, because there sure are a lot of them here. It all started with this:

Sigh. Tomorrow I recycle.

Here is an actual card I made Friday night - shocking, I know. I had the DS Paper out to make cards for my June workshops, but I realized I only had 4 sheets of Kraft card stock left, so I hacked up the paper and made these instead. The idea came from this card on SCS. I used the same stamp (in fact, I think this is the card that prompted me to buy the set from CHF), but I used different paper, different matting shapes for the image, and a different sentiment. Other than that, it was totally CASEd.

The stamp set comes with a boy/male version of the image, too, so I made some of both.

Here's my new digs at the market. Farmer Mike loaned me this tent to try today, and I LOVED it! Look at all that space! I broke out an extra table and put out all of my goods.

I had help setting up the tent, but it took all of 30 seconds. Seriously! And I took it down myself in about 1 minute. With a little rearranging, it even fit in my car! Sweet! If I can set it up all by my lonesome next week, I'll buy it from him.

Did you notice the handsome tent weights? Oh, yeah. Quite the topic of conversation, mostly about how practical they are. :-)

It was a good thing I'd planned to set up with a canopy today, because we had several new crafters who took up all my space under the pavilion. Plus, we had a few more tents set up, too, so with that plus the GORgeous weather, it was hoppin' busy today!

One of the new vendors is a sketch artist, and he is GOOD! Anyone can sit for a 10-minute sketch. With all the dogs that come through each weekend, we figured he'd be a hit, and he was! Within a few minutes of setting up, he did a black poodle. All-black and all-white dogs are the toughest to do (no contrast), but he did a fantastic job!

This is Molly and her Dad, who are both market regulars. As soon as I saw him, I walked him over to the sketch artist, and he broke out into a big smile and sat for the sketch. Well, Molly sat for the sketch. (I smudged her Dad's face since I took the picture to send to him, but I did not ask for permission to post it on my blog, so he gets some obscurity.)

Molly was such a good girl. The first time I tried to get her picture she had just turned around to give her Dad a kiss. Too cute!

Oh, and her Dad asked the artist to make sure to get the martini glasses on Molly's collar and leash, and he did. REALLY too cute!

Then THIS fellow stopped by. I've posted his pic several times in the past. The bird's name is Tweety, and he is 3 years old. They live to be 25, so he's still a pup. ;-) His Dad eventually sat for Tweety's portrait, too. And he went all-out for the color option, as opposed to plain charcoal.

I just know this artist will be quite popular here. He also did a few people portraits. :-)

This guy's name is Chewbacca. Chewy for short. I thought he deserved to have his picture taken, too.

The rock lady had some new hedgehogs - so cute! She has identified her target audience: pre-teens. :-) Although several big people have commissioned dogs and a few houses.

This is her latest: a stingray! I think she has way too much fun rock-hunting!

I had a pretty decent day sales-wise. And after I'd packed up the car, I stopped over at Chloe's to check on the inventory, and I sold 6 more cards! Whoo-hoo! I'll stop back tomorrow to drop off a few Father's Day and Graduation cards. Gotta keep new stuff in the rotation! :-)

That's all for today. I hope to work on the wannabe scrap heap tomorrow, and maybe make some origami polo shirts for Father's Day to use some of the patterned paper scraps.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. OMG!! I don't know where to start because I really love that graduation card. I need to make some. But I think I'll procrastinate. But your booth is gorgeous!! Wow! Did you sell a lot? And what a gorgeous village! And can I have your fat cat? And I love the rocks!! And your blog has taken on a bit of a Blair Witch/zombie flair that I really like with the blurred faces!!! Sounds like you had an awesome day.


    wv - outaca - it p(#*&$)es me off when I'm outaca seasoning and I'm craving tacas.

  2. I love your grad cards...I didn't even realize they are girl/boy. I had to scroll back & look after you mentioned it :) You crack me up with your total CASE!

    I like your tent and kitty litter. Oh, glad to see the rock lady is back, but I miss the dahlia guy.

  3. I miss the dahlia guy too :(
    I love the grad cards, think your new tent looks fantastic
    ...definitely more room for the huge amount of cards you have in stock!
    It looks so gorgeous and sunny there...much nicer than the weather we've been having!

  4. What a beautiful spot to spend a Saturday! Love the cards too!


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