Friday, May 22, 2009

Waning Mojo

Not a lot of stampin' going on around here lately. The ole mojo seems to come in spurts, and most of this week I have been in a mood, and have had little mojo. Must be the Day Job wearing me out. It'll be one or two days where I cannot get the ideas to paper fast enough, then ... nothing. And with no mojo, I do not sit still well, either. Yeah, I'll blame the Day Job. :-)

I made this card last week and took about 3 days to decide how the layout should be with these parts. In this photo, the parts are actually just arranged and not stuck down yet, but if I hadn't just typed that, you'd never have known, huh? :-) This is how it actually ended up in the final cut, and I was pretty happy with it.

The parts-is-parts are largely left from my last workshop, so I took out one of my new-to-me and never-inked single stamps from the last page of the SU Catalog to initiate it. People, these things are A GOOD DEAL! I love how this one was so easy to stamp, then stamp again without re-inking, to get that shadow look. Well, that's what I was trying to do; whether it worked or not is an entirely different matter.

So the rest of this week I spent futzing with some graduation stamp sets and not getting very far. I am just not feeling the love. To counteract this funk, I think I'll do a 180 and pull out my PTI pre-printed Guide Lines papers and my Guide Lines stamps and play with them for a while. Sometime you just need to shift gears to get things rolling again!

This is a blessedly long weekend, and I plan to accomplish the following:
--> Saturday - Farmer's Market
--> Sunday - get up reeeeeal early and drive to the closest overpass on the highway to see if I can get any pics of bikers. Part of Memorial Weekend in DC is Rolling Thunder. More about that if I get the pics.
--> Make a b'day card for my brother so I am not shunned
--> Plan all 4 projects for my June workshops (LOL! Yeah, right.)
--> Laundry
--> Scratch kitty between the ears a few thousand times
--> Clean out at least one box in The Other Room

That's all I'll admit to, as I rarely ever get to half of what I plan.

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That's all, folks! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your card is very pretty! It looks like the mojo has already returned. Hopefully you will have a great market day; holiday weekends are very slow for me (except at McLean, which no longer exists). I hope that is not true for you. I hope you sell a hundred cards or more :)

  2. that is indeed a fabulous card--and yeah...the "shadow" totally looks like a shadow...i love that technique!

    i totally hear you on the subject of mojo which waxes & wanes...and yeah...i do some of the same things: start something new, do the "easy bits" of a few projects i know need to be done; also i will sometimes sort thru/organize supplies (i ALWAYS find something i've forgotten...often it triggers an idea); worst comes to worst i go get caught up or ahead (YEAH RIGHT--AHEAD!!! lol!!!) on real life chores. nothing makes me long to craft like not crafting, kwim?!

    frankly, even still produce AWESOMENESS!!! ♥♥♥

  3. I think that everyone goes through phases like's just one of those things. I have periods when I make tons of stuff then other times when I WANT to make something, but nothing works :) I think that card is lovely and sometimes you just have to take the time to get something just right :)


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