Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rainy Day Sunday

I need to stop. Stop making cards, that is. And wouldn't you know it - my mojo is flowing! Why on earth would I need to stop? I must stop because of my embarrassingly-successful self-challenge to use The Heap, from which I made over 150 cards. Normally, this would be a good thing just prior to the market opening, except that I had more stuff yesterday to put on my table than would fit on my table. I had card overflow, and it was not pretty, although my customers kept asking to plow through the overflow, too. :-)

So why don't I just get a bigger table? I could, but we have more crafters this year, and there simply is not more room, unless I want to get a tent and set up on the lawn, which I don't.

Let's see what my mojo turned out today:

I promised The Ladies we'd play with marbles again, and we shall! Inspired by this card on SCS, I used Always Artichoke, Baja Breeze and Sahara Sand reinkers, put a few drops of each into separate (hoarded) clam-shell boxes, added a few marbles to each, re-sized my piece of Whisper White card stock that I'd cut too large to fit the tiny clam-shell boxes, and colored the card stock (stuck to the lids with some Dotto) until I was happy with the results. (If you'd like to read something more intelligible on how it's done, check out this tutorial on SCS.)

I layered the white piece onto Always Artichoke, and decided against using ribbon (I am almost out of both the AA card stock and ribbon, just before a workshop, of course...) and used two thin scraps of AA card stock, instead. The sentiment is stamped in Baja Breeze, largely because I already have another card planned that uses Always Artichoke ink, and I am determined to NOT have to share supplies across tables again.

To celebrate the completion of project 4 of 4 for next weekend, I started to allow some of my bottled-up mojo to spill out. I got these stamps during my last Angela's spree. I made an A2 card with them first, but it was pretty crowded, so I made this one square.

I am very pleased with the background paper I used here. I am not a hoarder of things that might some day be re-animated (to steal a term from Lydia and her alter-blog), because while things could be re-used in other ways, I do not have room for all the virgin stuff I own, much less room for 'maybe some day' left-over stuff. So imagine my thrill when I held on to the packaging from one of the rub-on packs I've used and I actually used it on this card. That patterned background is the inside of the rub-on package. It was shiny, so I sanded it, which made it look really nice with the pigs.

I bagged and tagged them, then moved on to cats, having been inspired by this card on Taylor VanBruggen's site. I was not inspired by anything special about the card (sorry, Taylor), but more by the fact that I have that stamp and it has never seen ink! So I pulled out this other stamp that has also never seen ink and made these:

I even used 2/3 of one of my 48-sheets of pet paper. Can you say SABLE?

I, of course, do not have just the right blue to go with the paper, so I used Taken With Teal as the least-offensive option. Very little of it shows, so I should be able to get away with it.

Aren't these kitties cute?!?! Oh, and I could not decide between brads or ribbon, so I used hemp instead of ribbon so I could use brads AND ribbon! Oh, yeah, it is totally possible!

I made three of this version ...

... and one of this version. I just had to be different, and anyway, I only printed three of the other sentiment.

So you see, the mojo is flowing, and I have NO WHERE to put these things. I have my stamps out to create tomorrow's UHC card, and then I plan to make another card for Tuesday, when I'll post Contest #1 of 3 for my Blog-iversary G-I-V-E-A-W-A-Y. Man, I sure hope I get a clue by then ....

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  1. Can you put out a "shoebox" with all the various cards? Maybe put tabs in with a couple of different categories with the overflow cards? If people like your style, they will just flip through them.

    What a problem to have!

  2. Wow! You're mojo really is flowing at full're totally on fire! I love all of these cards and today I can't even pick a favourite...though that last one might be winning just because of the sentiment :) Love that!

  3. You are a card making machine! So glad your inventory is up...your customers must have been very excited to see you :)


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