Wednesday, May 20, 2009


No, really, I do need to stop. Why? Because I HAVE NO ROOM, that's why! I figure I need to sell about 100 cards to fit in my allotted space at the Market, and I just have nowhere to put more cards. Oh, sure, I could make them and store them in my Living Room, but ... where?! I mean, c'mon, I already store all my market stuff in my car! Sigh ...

So what have I done this week? I've made cards! I know, I know, but some days I just cannot stop the mojo! :-) These two I made because I broke out one of my recently-purchased PTI sets and forced myself to use it. I have always dreamed of owning an umbrella stamp, and now I have a whole umbrella set.

I stamped it onto a piece of the PTI polka dot papers because (all together now ...) it was out. The rest of the papers are PTI Spring Moss and SU Perfect Plum, with a(n) SU white base.

The really cool part about this set is the single rain drop stamp. You can make it as busy as you like! On both of these cards I tried to make it look like it was dry under the umbrella. Duuuh, like it would rain under the 'brella! Well, maybe if it was raining sideways - been there!

This card is basically the same, just a different ribbon treatment (treatment - I really do crack myself up sometimes).

So now that I've convinced myself I need to stop stamping, I am gonna work on making some Grad cards with punch art. I saw a few on SCS that were really clever, and I can only hope that my versions just look like Grads, ya know? We'll see how that goes. :-)

On a non-stamping note, if you are a fan of (if you are not, you should be!), or if you just love to caption photos (and I know of at least two of you who do!), go here: You need to make up a Demotivator title and a caption for the posted photo, and the winner gets $500 smackeroonies! I lovelovelove their Demotivators, and yes, I've submitted an entry. :-)

Okay, time to get punchy! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I am a sucker for umbrella cards. I needed one, I finally found one, I purchased it...many YEARS ago. And...are you ready for this?...I have never used it :) Mine is so busy...yours is simple, and works well on dsp. Cute, cute, cute :)

  2. Today was a beautiful day outside.
    Since you have an abundance of cards.....vow to stamp only on the rainy days. ( lord knows you'll be stammpin' alot with all the rain weve been having) Save the sunny days for outside and photography or something. ( you make great cards from your photos.)
    I'm afraid we may have to dig you out from under all those extra cards if you don't slow down soon.
    Love the despair site.

    .....but my grass is cut.....yay!)

  3. Sounds like you're on a roll! :)

  4. i have several points...think i'll make a list:

    1. there's a site called "despair dot com"...and i didn't know about it! *HOW* can this have happened??!

    2. those rain cards ROCK. i love that there is an awesome umbrella stamp AND INDIVIDUAL RAIN DROPS!!! (individual rain drops!!!)

    3. i've never been under an umbrella and not got wet. think charlie brown and the rocks on halloween. like that. but *WET*.4. i don't think your mojo went away...i think it was just plum TIRED OUT...sheesh woman, you've made more cards than you have room for...WHAT did you expect?!?! :)

    5. hmmmmmmmmmmm...ok, i THOUGHT i had one more point...but apparently not. so sorry. point 5 has been cancelled. we apologize for the inconvenience.

    6. HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!!! (this would've been more suited to the post above, wouldn't it?! ah well. we live and learn.)

    7. xoxo♥♥♥lauren

  5. I am going to that site right now...even though i *should* be doing other things :)
    I love the cards...those colours are gorgeous! I can relate to the no where to put it problem. Staying here at Mama's means very limited room and I have been on a card making spree with all this free time! I'm rapidly running out of room and need to get rid of some of these cards!


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