Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another Dad Card

I can be contrary. No surprise, I know. But after a massaaaaage, I am supposed to take it easy, drink lots of water, take a hot bath, and generally try not to undo all the good she just did. NOT! I had to stamp!

First, a gratuitous kitty pic. (Sorry about the glaring light.) Doesn't she look pathetic? Yeah, this is her, "Hmph, you're gone all day, and when you finally sit down on the couch, this is as close as I can get to your lap." I have found it most difficult to type on the laptop while she is laying across my arms, so now when I say, "Stay back ...", she assumes this position. I am so mean. But I give her nose kisses.

One of my new stamp sets is from Taylored Expressions called Boys Will Be Boys. I broke the 50% rule and bought it mostly because I saw a card that broke up this sentiment like I tried to reproduce here. The actual sentiment says "There is no tie when it comes to you." I just inked them separately, omitting the word 'tie' and then wrote in the word in its place. Too bad my handwriting is not as froo-froo-y as the one from which I stole this idea. I thought it would be a hoot to have someone give their Dad this card when the gift is not a tie. (Get it? I know, it's a stretch.)

I colored the ties, but next time I think I'll stamp them on some patterned papers. I have also decided it is boring to layer like-shaped Nesties, so I mixed it up and paired it with a pinking circle. The pinking circle shape is cut from PTI Ocean Breeze, and the twill ribbon (GOTS to have ribbon) is also PTI Ocean Breeze. The plaid paper is from the SU Parisian Breeze DS paper package.

Yep, this is the same card, but this time I remembered I wanted to put the ties and the sentiment off-center. I had actually assembled that first card and I FORGOT I wanted them not centered. Yeah, I should have had that hot bath instead of playing with stamps .... I kinda like it off-center.

Last up, I have my latest diversion: crocheting fleurettes. These are made out of DMC floss, of which my supply is in the SABLE category. I just made these up, so they need a little refining, but I think they have promise. Somewhere on SCS I saw a chart of DMC floss that matches the SU colors. I need to go find that (I am sure I bookmarked it) and do some crocheting at this week's market. Maybe I'll make a dent in my supply!

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  1. u r made of pure awesome! i do not lie

    also, that card is breeze-y, hee

    i want to re-learn crochet for this very reason! i just can't find my no. 2 crochet needle, bah

  2. Thanks, I have been wondering what they used to crochet these flowers, never thought of DMC thread. Have a great day, Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  3. I may have to CASE this tie card and the awesome sentiment :)

    OH! Those little flowers are made from DMC floss? I have my own SABLE collection from finished cross-stitching kits and from finished projects where I purchased the specific numbers/colors. Now I just have to re-teach myself to's only been about 30 years since I last did it...

  4. First of all, Leslie, your kitty is just beautiful! She does indeed look so pathetic laying there. Kitties sure can use body language!

    Love the card! The No Ties sentiment is cute and I even "get it". LOL Great Dad card!

    I used to crochet with the threads but I can't see the stitches anymore so I moved to stamping instead. I can see most of the stamping stuff! LOL

  5. Great cards! Letting you know that I got my package a few days ago! Thanks so much, I love them Special cards you made. How in the word did you make them!

  6. in addition to all this awesome card crochet too?


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