Monday, June 29, 2009

Just Stash Cards (No Tome)

I promise tonight's post will not take you an hour to read like yesterday's post did. I need a hobby. Oh, wait, I HAVE a hobby. Never mind.

I have spent a bit of time playing with some of my rediscovered stash, and along with some help from my fellow bloggers, I made these:

The idea for this started with June's card where she used this rub-on from SU. When I realized I also owned the same rub-on set (can you say: too much stuff?), I broke it out. For the layer under the rub-on, I thought the 'love' was Regal Rose, but that was too pink, so I tried Ruby Red - too red. If I'd been paying attention, I would have also CASE'd the color June used - Cameo Coral. Oh, well. I used Ruby Red here.

But my coup d'etas (my HS French teacher would be so proud of all this French I scatter about!) was the fabric. That's right - fabric. I was talking to BR #2 last night, and she is once again out of control, but this time instead of collecting rubbah, she took a side trip to Quilting, so she is collecting fabric this week. Our conversations led my thoughts to the pile of Fat Quarters I carefully ironed a year to two ago, as I was sure I'd have something to go with Baja Breeze - and I did! In my Fat Quarter-buying phase, I bought mostly fabrics with a gold thread running through them, and if you look closely (go ahead, click on the pic - you can see the gold thread in the pattern ... I'll wait ... ... ...) See? Gold!

So I cut the fabric (not straight - HA!), but the cool thing with fabric is you can pull the threads and it straightens itself! I added some gold cord from my hoarded stash - done!

Next, we have what I think is a picture of a piece of fabric. I think. (Oooh, a common thread in one of my posts.) I found it during the cleaning of the table yesterday, and I put it with my pile of Parent Sheets in The Other Room.

Aaaaand, I got some new goodies in the mail today - stamps from Purple Onion Designs. This shopping episode is brought to you by Lauren, who is totally responsible for my undoing. Once I saw this and this, I was doomed. She suggested I make a card to enter the contest to win free stuff, but puleeze, what part of 'instant gratification' was not clear here?! Like, I'd win, anyway! And if I did not win, I'd have missed the window for purchasing these lovelies at the advertised discount. So I shopped. It is still all her fault. :P

Now if you would please scroll back up to the photo, you may notice the embossed stamped image on that paper. That's one of my new stamps. I stamped it with Versamark and embossed it with Copper EP. The paper is mounted on a base of Dusty Durango, one of the new SU In Colors. The ribbon is some luscious satin I got at Mike's for $1 - for 15 yards, not the usual 3 yards! I bought many. I did a faux bow, which is cool because you can slide it over if you decide you do not like it in its current spot, and I did - move it, that is.

I decided to not cut out the center part of the flourish, and instead I dug through my trinket stash and found this pocket watch, which I stuck on with a mini glue-dot and tucked under the bow. No sentiment - I think it's busy enough. This one will go in my Any Occasion section.

Before I leave you this evening, I must show you something. This:

The cat is still trying to to get into my lap, but tonight she settled for putting her head on my shoulder and snoring. Her behind is on the arm of the couch, and she is draped over the pillow to get her head onto my shoulder. She is such a squishy feline.

Okay, I promised no tome tonight, so I leave you to get back to whatever constructive activity you were doing before you started reading this.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your fabrics are gorgeous! Thanks for the shout out :)

    Your second card, in particular is STUNNING. My favorite Leslie card (well, one of many, but I love it, okay??)

  2. Still collecting rubbah here. I just received a box from
    Paperbag Studios and I ordered some Cat's Life Press today.
    Only cuz you can stamp on fabric too......I am gonna heve so much fun.
    Cool kitty pose. I do wish I could have a cat.



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