Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Pop Quiz and An Inspiration Card

First, I have a challenge for you. What time is it according to this clock?

Hint: It is a binary clock ... ... ...

Another hint: the two left-most vertical rows of lights are the hour, and the next two vertical rows of lights are the minutes. (The right-most two rows are the seconds, and I ignore them.)

Time's up! I took this photo at 02:33 pm this afternoon. If you include the seconds (just for illustration, of course) it is 02:33:16.

Okay, now that I've gotten that out of my system, let's move on to some stampin'!

Remember this shirt? Here's something I just made based on it:

I used Pick A Petal and stamped one of the outline images on white card stock in black ink. I went back with the solid petal image and with both Taken With Teal and Garden Green, I stamped off, then stamped over some of the petals. Then I cut them all out.

I then laid them out in rows on a piece of black and overlapped them to cover up the bottoms of the petals. The rows actually ran off the scrap of black, so I trimmed it down.

The bottom row of petals still had the points on them, and the ribbon did not cover them to my liking, so I cut them off, which looked more stoopid. Then I actually added a piece of scalloped black and used the ribbon to cover the seam. I stuck it on a Baja Breeze base, added a few dots of white with the gel pen, a black sentiment (it was out ...) and I was done!

I am pretty happy with how this turned out.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have 14 crab magnets to assemble this evening. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I got 2:something, but too tired to recall binary from college...

    I thought, Peacock dress lady is back? Then I saw your card. Love it! Genius!!! You have outdone yourself, my friend. You cut each one out?! I did that ONCE for a card. I think the oval punch will work well on one end of the petal...could you try the oval punch and put the "good" part at the top and the bottom (where it does not punch perfectly) would be hidden? Just a thought, because your card is fabulous!!!

  2. Wow! Your quiz was hard! Too early for me to think back that far!

    Beautiful card.

  3. OK that card is awesome! Last time when I saw the shirt pic, I said, yeah right, how can you make that pretty pattern with stamps and ink .... you blew me away! Very nicely done. I had such grand plans for that pick-a-petal set, and the only card I've done that I was happy with was a turkey one. But now I will resurrect the stamps and give them another chance!
    BTW I love your blog! You make me smile every time :)


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