Sunday, June 21, 2009

The UHC Not Celebrated, And A Little Color

Today is Naked Hiking Day, and you should be thankful I am NOT making a card for it. NAKED HIKING DAY?! Yep, not even my crooked brain could invent this. It is observed annually on the Summer Solstice. Here's the news article that led me to know about the Day, and I've found a message board, too, in case you want to get into it yourself. No pictures. Please.

Today I bit the bullet and started to make the annual In Color color charts for my customers. The new catalogs should arrive on my doorstep late next week, and I always include a color comparison chart with each one so people can see how the new In Colors compare with our standard 48 colors. Since I am not one of the "big name" demos (and by the way, I have no plans to be, either...good thing, too, since everything I do is crooked!), I do not do fancy-schmancy do-dads for everyone. I am quite impressed with Demos who DO do that, but it is just not going to happen here.

This is what I make:

I figure out which colors I think are close, then put swatches of them together, along with their names. Some years I use more than two comparison colors; that happens when what I originally thought was close turned out to be really quite far off, so I included it plus one that was much closer. I figure if I thought it was "just like" another color we have, someone else thought that, too. This year I just stuck with two comparison colors, though. Call me lazy. Or rather let's assume I got it right on my first try! Okay, I like that option better. ;-)

Let's look them over, shall we?

Rich Razzleberry. I am not into purples much, and they rarely make an appearance at my workshops. I do like Elegant Eggplant, but it is a muted color, and I am all about muted. Once I put the Razzleberry next to the Eggplant, I thought it had a lot of red in it, so I included Burgundy. I've seen samples using Razzleberry with Pale Plum, so I'll have to try out that combo!

Dusty Durango. At first I thought this would be close to Pumpkin Pie, but it is much closer to Really Rust. I love Rust (it's muted), but I may break out this Dusty Durango and use it! If I can use Pumpkin Pie, I can find a way to use this one. :-)

Crushed Curry. I really like this one! I thought it would be close to Mustard, but it is really pretty much in between Mustard and Saffron. I can see me using this one!

Soft Suede. This is one of those colors that looks like something else. (Like that pair of Taupe shoes I bought one year that looked gray with my tan suit and brown with my gray suit. Yeah, like that!) I thought it would be close to Olive, but NOT EVEN! I'm gonna need to play with this one until I find the perfect combo!

Melon Mambo. Pink is right up there with Purple in colors I rarely use. This one is real purty, though (muted) and not as in-your-face as Pink Passion, so it just might see ink.

I've saved the best for last: Bermuda Bay. I knew I liked this color! It is maybe not so perfect as the retiring Baja Breeze (which I started hoarding the day it was released, along with Pacific Point), but it has just the right amount of green in it! It looks so green with these two colors that I even went so far as to see what greens we have that I could add to the chart. Once I held up a scrap to my green card stock section, though, it just looked blue! But I so love this color that I will need to find coordinating colors lickety split! I want to use this in my July stamp camps so I can get my customers to love it, too.

That's all I have for you now. I'm going to try and finish my color charts today so I can play some more. I sold 4 of the 5 crab magnets I made, so I'll also need to make more of those. If I actually manage to make a card today, I'll be back later to show off.

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  1. What a cool idea to do the comparison color chart. It is a huge help to see the colors together. Often I think 2 colors will be compatible but then I get them on the date and they do nothing but clash.

    Your shoe analogy made me laugh. I have also had shoes that were too gray and too beige.

  2. Thanks for sharing that...I like the melon, razzleberry (are you at all surprised?) and that bermuda bay is delicious!!! For the first time I am a bit sad that we won't be getting these in-colours (with the changing of the catty release date we miss a whole in-colour year). Oh well, it's better for us in the long term so I will just have to control my jealousy ;)

  3. The color combo chart is cool! I think some of the color names are a bit a silly though. Bermuda Bay is probably my favorite- I really like how it looks with the comparison colors too!


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