Thursday, June 25, 2009

Inspiration Shirt, Take Two

I played with this inspiration shirt again tonight, and I changed two things. First, I did not stamp off the ink before I stamped it onto the white card stock, and second, I used my SU Large Oval punch to punch out the petals.

This is what I got. I like the more vibrant colors from not stamping off. And while the punch made a faster cut than hand-cutting each petal, I had to cut the card stock with scissors to get the punch to reach the petals that were not stamped around the edges. Also, the punched petals are a bit larger than the cut ones, so they look a bit more spread out.

Here we have them side-by-each*. You can see the more vibrant colors on the right, and you can see how much smaller and closer together the petals look on the left-hand version.

Next up: I'll do a combo: Not stamped off, plus hand-cut. I'll be sure to show you the result. I am almost out of Baja Breeze ribbon, as I failed to hoard the ribbon this year. Rats! I may need to move to Plan B, once I figure out what that might be.

I also might try Not Quite Navy instead of Taken With Teal. The Teal is just a bit too light. Of course, the Analyst in me is cringing at the thought of breaking the "only ever change one thing at a time" rule of testing. I guess I am living dangerously these days. You've gotta get your thrills somewhere, right?

I got my third of three SU orders tonight. Yes, that's right, I have placed three orders for myself so far this month. What, it's only the 25th?! Wowza, all sorts of time left to sneak in a fourth order! Good gracious, would someone please pull the plug?! I am out of control.

Ach, I'm off to look at the updated Retiring Accessories list to see if there is anything I need. :-)

* I'll bet you've noticed I say side-by-each now and then. I did not learn this phrase until my first year of college. The young lady who lived across the hall had some really cute sayings, one of which was, "So, do ya wanna walk down the sidewalk side-by-each?", and she said it with an inflection that would have been a leer if it had been said by a dirty old man. She also said to her roommate (this was during the era of cutting off old jeans to make short shorts), "If those shorts were any shorter, you'd have two more cheeks to powder." Yeah, those were the good old days.

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  1. Hi Leslie! I've been noticing that you are a fairly regular visitor to my blog, and often leave comments, so I decided it was about time to come on over here and take a look around... As you said about the soda vendor kids, "Color me impressed!" Great stuff here, and fun to read, too! I'm glad I'm not the only one who does "stoopid" things, for example, and I love that you remember quirky things that people say (I so that, too...) and quote them! Okay, gotta jet, but I'll be back soon! Ta!

  2. Ah, your hand cut card is MUCH better than my punched oval suggestion. You were sweet to try :)

  3. i like BOTH versions, and am fully prepared to like another, even!!!

    i think the punched one is VERY close to the hand cut...and being carpal tunnelly myself i'd stamp the petals in lines and use the paper trimmer to make strips so i could punch those suckers.

    is it wrong that i kind of want to draw the "feathery lines" on said petals to make said card EVEN MORE like the inspiration shirt??! have i mentioned i really really like peacocks??! ;)

  4. I love that card. I just love the shape of the ovals- cool design.


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