Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Little Social Commentary

T-Shirt Du Jour: Social Media from Check out their image:

"Unlocking the awesome potential of behavioral disorders. "

OMG. Being Ms. Negativity when it comes to all these social toys that keep kids (big people, too) from actually interacting with other human beings, I find this image sheer perfection! I am proud to say I participate in absolutely none of it! And except for this blogging gig, I actually prefer real live people! Really!

Oh, and if you are FROM and you plan to read me the riot act about stealing your image and blatantly planting it on my blog, would you go away if I were to, I dunno, maybe buy a shirt? Oh, Mr. Marketing Man, if you offerred some of your designs in polo-style shirts, I just might (buy one!) Otherwise I'd need to go for a Men's XXL and I'd have me some new jammies. But only if it is 100% cotton. I am a high-maintenance shopper when it comes to clothing content.

Go on over and read all about it! The verbiage on the page is hysterical! ... ... ... So what do you think? Did they nail this thing or what?

Oh, and if *you* are a Twitter-er, no offense intended. This is just my opinion, of course. ;-)

Please top back tonight - I might even have a CARD to show you. ;-)


  1. HA!!!!!!! that is *hilarious* a totally true and not-really-a-joke sort of way!

    (the thing that puzzles me is: WHERE do the facebook/twitter folk FIND THE TIME?! i *swear* other ppl are getting LONGER DAYS than me! when do they grocery shop, balance their checkbook, visit their mother, shop for swimsuits??!?!? i need guidance in these matters. honestly. SHEESH!)

  2. This is too funny! AND true. I am sort of on Facebook...but only because I kept getting invited. It was the best way to get people to stop asking :) I only check it when I get an email telling me someone left me a comment...which is once every couple of months. I'm with Lauren..where do these people find the time???


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