Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rainy Market Day

We had a bit of rain today. Just a little.

The farmers spent much time dumping the collected water off the tops of their tents. If they did not do this, then when the wind would pick up, the rain would get dumped on customers, which we really try not to do.

I think the only smart people today were the crafters who chose to stay home, the customers who came running through the downpours to get their veggies (ya gotta love their determination!), and those dressed for the occasion, like this guy:

I think he was one of the best-dressed customers we had today!

Enough crafters stayed home that there was room for me to set up under the pavilion, which was nice, since I am not so sure I'd have wanted to be in a tent today. And since we were not selling much, except to each other, I had a lot of time to take some pics.

We have a new vendor! This is the new set-up of the Bakery people's kids, and they are incredibly cute! They have a little table on wheels, and they set up canned and bottled beverages to sell. I told them that on the hot days to come, they will be a real hit, especially with their fellow vendors! They have one of each out on display, and the cold ones are in their cooler/chair.

Check out their signage. Too cute! During the time they were set up next to me (I think they moved 4 times until they got settled), we chatted about signage and I told them I'd make them a laminated sign to try out next week.

Look at their money till - so freaking cute and organized! And that towel? Well, today it was for wiping the rain off their table, but it is really to wipe the water off the cold drinks when they take them out of the cooler. They thought of everything! I tell you, these kids were on the ball! They said they bought the sodas and water and stuff with their own money, and they get to keep what they make. Oh, and I think they are in the neighborhood of 5 and 7 years old. Color me impressed.

Let's move on to the really good part of the show: the food!

It's berry season! Check out the blueberries!

And both red and black raspberries. One little kid got away from his Mom and was standing there snacking on the berries. :-) I think one of the heart-warming parts of a farmers' market are all the families with small children who come through, and you can tell both the parents and the KIDS appreciate good, farm-fresh produce. One girl's eyes lit up when she saw the strawberries. When kids beg their parents for fruit and veggies, well, it doesn't get a whole lot better than that!

This, my friends, is a kohlrabi. Ever have one? Well, I have, and I've grown them, too, and they are yummy! Not real pretty, but good. I peel them down a little, slice them thin, and eat them with a little sour cream (like a dip). Cool, crisp, and good. You should try them some time!

What a sight! Cukes & squash galore. Much of this came home with me.

Sweet peppers. A little more flavor than the green peppers, and a nice addition to salads.

Hot peppers. Real hot! Pretty, but hot. I did not buy them, because they would die on my watch, and we cannot have that.

I had the pleasure of sitting next to a ribbon addict. We had much about which to talk, too. In addition to ribbon for these cute hair clips, she also collects fabric, as she makes little girls' dresses. We conversed about obsessions and weakness and how we need bigger domiciles to contain our growing stashes. Yep, on the same track, we are!

Remember this guy? A Beabull - Beagle and Bull Dog mix. He is a few weeks older and twice the size! Wowza! His Dad said the pup is about half way to his 30 pounds.

And then the sun came out and I took a pic of this pretty orange flower. The farmer said the plant would eventually be full of flowers. Again, I just nodded and took its picture. I can kill anything, and this one was too pretty to send to an untimely death.

Lastly, I bought these to take to my pot luck dinner this evening. I plan to get some decadently rich ice cream on the way, and I hope all of these babies are consumed so I do not need to eat them for breakfast tomorrow. That would be just awful! :-)

I guess I should get dressed and go to dinner now. The rains have subsided, and it is supposed to be decent this evening and into tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Those children are born business leaders! I wouldn't think to be so organized (money till) and the towel too...brilliant!

    I love your market updates and pictures. So much fun to read and see. Our local farmer's market is not quite as big, but we did enjoy some fresh squash and zucchini tonight :)

  2. I loved the tour, Leslie! And a beabull - never seen one of those before.

    The set up those kids have kills me - LOVED it too.


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