Tuesday, June 23, 2009

'In Color' Alert at Lands End!

I went to the {shudder} mall tonight after work. I almost never go to the mall, but that is the only place we have a Sears store, and Sears has a Lands End department, and I love Lands End, and I love the fact that I can buy stuff real-time and not have to pay shipping, so I go to Sears. Then I leave the mall, but still, I went to Sears.

Today was my lucky day! They were having a 30% off of EVERYTHING Lands End sale! Being the end of the day, I was not in the mood to try on anything, so I just grabbed the polo shirts I wanted, then I grabbed a few more because they were on sale, then I paid and I left.

The whole reason I am telling you this boring story is this: Lands End carries shirts in the new In Colors! No joke! Lookie:

Now I ASK you, are these not Bermuda Bay? Heck, even if they're not, that solid one is bound to be my new favorite shirt, second only to the Michigan shirt I wear just to irritate one of my co-workers who attended Ohio State. :-)

And does this sweater look like Melon Mambo? Okay, is it a little close? I own maybe three go-to colors of shirts, and 'watermelon', or 'Melon Mambo" here, is one of them. The other two go-to colors are yellow and anything near the green family. Now you know one of my dark secrets.

I also picked up this one because I liked the color (could you think of a better reason to buy a shirt?), but when I started snapping pics, I thought this one was close to Pacific Point, so I tried it. Close enough for me. So at least in my world, Pacific Point will never retire.

I also got a few other colors like Navy, Black, and another shade of green, but these three are my favorites of the bunch.

So there you have it: In Colors at Lands End. If you love them, get 'em while you can! (I did!) :-)


  1. Hi twin! Remember how we both like the same kind of clothes... those are definitely styles and colors if LE shirts that I would buy! LE is my favorite!

    What an absolute riot that they match the in SU colors!


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