Friday, June 19, 2009

A Little Crab

Remember this guy? I still have not sent any of them to Florida as I'd planned, but people did ooh and aah over them last weekend at the market, and I sold one to another vendor. I have hope.

So when I ordered my Monsta dies a few weeks ago, I also ordered a crab die, because I live in Maryland, and we are all about crabs, here. Plus, it helped to justify the shipping.

Here is my crab version of the magnet. What do you think? You may not be able to tell from the bad lighting, but everything is the same as the turtle version, except there is nothing to fill in with dyed Crystal Effects. This guy has tiny googlie eyes, though. I think they make him look a little leery, but cute at the same time! Sorta like, "Uh, oh. Do I smell Old Bay?"

And no, crabs are not red. Well, unless they are (1) the Red Crab, or (2) cooked. Remember when everyone got the Crab & Company set from SU and posted all sorts of red versions of him? I needed to step in over on SCS and explain that no crab would be standing on the beach and smiling if he were red, because he'd be DEAD. Someone corrected me and said that I was mostly right, except for the Red Crab that lives on Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean. Well, whatdaya know, you learn something every day! But in general, crustaceans are not red or pink until they are cooked. I'm just sayin'.

I think I'll hit the hay early tonight. I've been staying up late (reading) and getting up early, and it's a killer of a schedule. Did you know that Elizabeth of York was the first Tudor Queen? She was the daughter of Edward IV, niece of Richard III, and wife of Henry VII. Her second son Henry VIII of England followed his father as king; her daughter Margaret married James IV of Scotland; and daughter Mary married Louis XII of France. Margaret was the mother of James V of Scotland, the grandmother of Mary, Queen of Scots, and thus the great-grandmother of James VI of Scotland and I of England, from whom all subsequent British monarchs are descended. In the children's nursery rhyme, "Sing A Song of Sixpence" Elizabeth is reportedly the queen in the parlour, while her husband is the king counting his money.

That's quite some lineage, huh? And yes, I am actually beginning to understand all this begatting stuff. Talk about twisted family trees! And if you have not guessed, I am reading about the life of Elizabeth of York. (surprise)

Now aren't you glad you stopped by? :-)


  1. I am glad I stopped by actually! There's nothing a geek like me enjoys more than hearing that someone is reading something educational rather than watching rubbish on tv ;) That said, I think you're completely nuts...following the Tudor family history is like trying to....well I can't think of the perfect analogy...but it would be twisty, convoluted and difficult to follow....LOL! Have fun with all that lovely English history.:)
    I think your little crab magnet is cute! Being a Cancerian these little guys have a soft place in my heart...but they are much nicer in my tummy! (insert really evil laugh!)

  2. Yum...crabs. Ya know I was raised in MD. So glad we moved back to the area 5 years ago. I missed MD crabs (none better that I have ever tried!) and the Utz crab chips. I think I need to make a grocery store run for some crab chips..I'm drooling just thinking about them. I love Old Bay; you should use that as a sentiment on your card "oh no, is that Old Bay?" too funny!!!

    More power to you keeping all that lineage straight. DH does pretty well...I just enjoy it one novel at a time. My faves are Llewellyn the Great (and Joan, his wife) and Eleanor of Aquitaine.

  3. Great job on the spirelli. Love the effect. Really showcases the image! Wonderful!

  4. ok, i like the turtles A LOT...but i ♥looooooooooooooooove♥ the crab!!!!!!!!!

    "is that old bay i smell??!?!?" : ) :) :) CLASSIC! i *literally* LOL'd on that's a good thing i was not drinking a beverage...that'd make an AWESOME card, btw...

    we saw a great sign in one of the harbor towns in SC with a big crab( yeah...zoologically incorrect, but so common that i think we're going to have to accept it) that said, "litter makes us crabby" could substitute "birthdays make me crabby" mebbe?

    i am sure there are loads more uses as well...just like i'm sure i will pester you with them from time to time in random emails... :)

  5. Sharon Penman wrote the most wonderful novels about the War of the Roses and Henry VIII. If you ever want true history with a romantic twist, this is it!

    Love the little crab! How about a scallop next? LOL


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