Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Last of the Grads, and a Monkey

Back to bizness here at the Crooked household. A while back I saw the Hanna Stamps grad set on SCS and I knew I must make it mine! It arrived, and I put it to ink last night. Tonight I grabbed a mostly muted piece of paper from The Other room, and I made my last four grad cards for this season. I think. Lookie:

Here's the male version ...

... and the female version. I made one blue base (Baja Breeze) and one green base (Mellow Moss) of each, for a total of four. I really, really like these stamps! They are straight and to the point, unlike those ducks that I keep resurrecting.

Oh, and check out that Mustard layer under both the striped paper and the grad piece - it's another piece of that old SU paper I have, and I managed to use two whole pieces of it tonight. :-) Also, yes, I needed to use ribbon. It just looked nekkid without it. And I love the Kraft taffeta, so I used it. It's what I do.

Ducks?! Did someone say ducks? Well, uh, yeah! I made this one before the Hanna Stamps ones above, so technically the Hanna ones were the last grad cards of the season. I only bothered to post this one tonight because I really like it with the red car. Heck, I love that car!!!! You will see it again one day - mark my words!

(I needed to mount that sentiment from my SAB set so I could use it. Sigh ...)

And now I bring you the star of tonight's show. I made a card with these images a long time ago, probably before I had any readers, but if by some chance you remember it, prepare for a re-run.

I first saw the sentiment at Viva Las Vegas Stamps, and I immediately added it to my basket. Then I prayed they also had a monkey image, and they did! Sold! In case you find you also need these stamps now, here's the link for all their monkey images. Have at it!

Back to my story. Once I got the stamps, I had no idea how to begin, so I polled some of my SU customers, and one of them suggested I make a really pretty card, all layered and embellished. Certainly, no one would ever suspect ... and she was right! I have made some with really froo-froo papers and ribbon, and people plucked them off my card rack saying, "Oh, this is pretty!", then they read it, and mostly put it back. But all of them did eventually sell, so tonight I made more.

I decided to use the last two pieces of that paper I'd used for the grad cards, which left me with nothing for The Heap. OMG, be still my heart! I decided to layer the image and sentiment with Nestie shapes, and I added the brads because it looked boring. Then, to froo-froo it up a bit, I added the ribbon. Oh, yeah, that made it!

Maybe I should have colored in the monkey, but there's always tomorrow for that step. Right now I need.sleep ...

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  1. Ok. The monkey card totally has me rolling. :)

  2. Yep, all cards eventually sell. I think I told you I usually move an unsold card after two full months (fortunately not many of those). I even had one card make it to all three stores! But it sold last Dec. Phew. I just pulled my last baby onesie card. I think I put a few of those out back in January? Anyway, I am filling a tin with cards for my sister's birthday. I am not in the mood to make baby cards (those elephant cards I made recently are still out too), so I pulled that onesie card from the store and put it in her tin. Think smarter, not harder :)

    Loved your post, as usual. Wonderful grad cards; I like the red car...red is my fave color; and that monkey card is funny!!!

  3. i love the "sensible" grad cards, (even though they are sensible)! and those *DID* totally need ribbon...it's symbolic of the ribbon on their DIPLOMA!!!!!!!! (DUDE! you are SO METAPHORICAL!)

    i looooooooooooove the duck in the red car...ok now *THAT* is a GRADUATION CARD!!!!!!!!!! :) (b/c graduates are RACING into the future...and what with student loans...many have BIG BILLS...my gosh you are SO DEEP!!!)

    the monkey's fab too. obviously. i shall have to get back to you with a deep philosophical context for that one. or...ummmmmm... not. :) :) :)

    (word veri: "BRATINGU"...possibly a tasty sauce for authentic german sausages??)


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