Saturday, June 13, 2009

Market Update, and The Mini Heap Groweth

As I wandered in search of sugar this morning at the market, I passed this shirt:

She was a real trooper to let me take this picture... I think this is a VERY cool inspiration pic, do you not agree? One of these days I may even get around to it!

Fleurs du jour. There is too much going on all around it - chairs, tarps, people, bricks, tent legs ... but trust me, the flowers were bright and really pretty!

For lunch I had some of these sweet peas and ...

... a whole box of these sweet raspberries. Yum, yum!!!

I just walked past these lovelies without buying any, but they were so red I needed to at least snap their photo.

And just to show you I actually stamped something, this card came into being last night as I valiantly attempted to use some of the paper parts on my messy table. The more I used, the less I'd need to put away tonight.

I saw a pack of unopened letter stickers that I thought needed to be used with this piece of PTI Ocean Breeze paper together with a piece of my new SU Dusty Durango. I also had a pre-punched pinking circle, so I stamped the '#' from SU's Brushstroke Numbers and the '1' from SU's Big Deal Numbers in Dusty Durango. The ribbon is also Dusty Durango.

Okay, now that that stampin' stuff is out of the way, just to show you the Clean Sweep really does happen every month, lookie:

This is my Dining Room table - no joke! All set up and ready for Sudnay morning! The down side of having it clean like this ...

... is this. The Mini Heap - it groweth. I now see where my focus needs to be next month.

Did you know that when TV Land runs a marathon of a show, they run out of new reruns and rerun the ones they aired earlier in the day? I guess that would make them rerun reruns, right? Ask me how I know. Well, I'll tell ya how I know. I am now watching the exact same episode of Married, With Children that I saw when I began the Clean Sweep. Must be time for bed!

My Stamp Camps are tomorrow, so I'll be even more absentito than I have been lately. Yeah, yeah, excuses. But once I get my hands on that Mini Heap ... I'll be creatin' anew!

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  1. That top is fabulous...reminds me of peacock feathers :)
    The flowers are so pretty, the peas look delicious...but not as yummy as those strawberries and raspberries!!!
    Finally, I like the card too...great bright colours and that ribbon is perfection :)


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