Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Burning (Possibly Life-Altering) Question, And Some More Color

Does anyone out there know the shelf life of dried pasta? Seriously, I need to know. Why? Because I just consumed some pasta I made from an opened box I found in the way-back of my pantry, that's why. And I need to know whether to go stamp some more, or maybe fold some laundry, or take myself to the ER. So far, I am still vertical, but the evening is young.

As I finished assembling my color charts this afternoon, I had an Ah-Ha moment. It suddenly dawned on me that the new Soft Suede looks very much like True Thyme, which was one of the original In Colors. Check it out:

That circle is True Thyme, and I tucked it under the Soft Suede square, just for effect. What do you think?

Here's another shot with a Soft Suede square on top of a piece of True Thyme. Interesting, non?

Why do I care? I don't really, except that this could make color matching a lot easier. If I could only remember back that far, whatever we came up with to accompany True Thyme should work with Soft Suede, dontcha think?

Sigh. Please excuse me while I go close all my doors and windows. ... ... ... ... ... I have a neighbor who (from the sounds of it) has set up his drums set in his back yard. Since we live in condos (townhouse set-up), instead of just annoying his immediate neighbors, he annoys ALL of us. Plus, we have a heavenly breeze that I now must shut off. Too bad he's not any good, or it might be okay. But I digress.

Then I actually stamped something! I am playing with my new colors, trying to come up with a few killer color combos. I have not had any epiphanies, nor have I hit on a killer combo yet, but I did make this one:

This is Black & White & Bermuda Bay, with some Melon Mambo fleurs. I resurrected my Baroque Motifs set for the main image, and the sentiment is from the new Teeny Tiny Wishes set, stamped a bit crooked, of course.

I punched a bit of the side out using a 3/4" circle punch to make room for the knot in the ribbon (gots to have ribbon!) I have seen this done on many blogs, and I'd just filed it away until now. Since I cannot remember what I had for breakfast ... thinkthinkthink ... oh yeah, left over pie), I find it amazing that I could remember that punch thing, but I did! Yay!

I'm off to play some more. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. i would have used those two together first myself, so bright and juicy!

  2. I think that the Bermuda Bay with the Melon Mambo is STUNNING (read previous comment re: jealousy) But what I'm really drooling over is THAT RIBBON...polka dot??? seriously??? there is going to be polka dot ribbon and I don't get to play???? {insert very sad, whining face here}'s's just ribbon, right?????

  3. I think you are okay on the pasta; I used to eat years old pasta and be fine. However, if it is a gluten free pasta hat is old, go to the ER! That stuff will give you a horrible tummy ache.

    I think those two In Colors are similar enough to swap; check it out with some old dsp to confirm and let your peeps know, okay?

    Baroque Motifs. I LOVED that set and had to have it. I made several cards back in the day, then promptly forgot it. I will have to dust it off, because I love your ribbon treatment!

  4. I have always loved that stamp set! Lovely card :)

    I like the color combo a lot too- it's similar to pairing taken with teal and rose red, but softer. Taken with teal is a whole lot of color!

    I'm sure I've consumed years old dried pasta many, many times and I've always been fine.

  5. i am WAY ♥diggin♥ the hot pink with that dreamy blue...i don't think dried pasta ever goes bad...i am MOST SYMPATHETIC on the subject of noisy/annoying neighbors...i am VERY glad not to know anyone who celebrates naked hiking day...i DID know that about eliz of york...(i know quite a lot about the tudors, actually; more than say, about the nixons; i am quite comfortable with that...)

    i think i am done rambling...for now... :)


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