Friday, August 28, 2009

A Baby Shower Invite, and my ATG

Listen, my beloved readers, and you shall hear: THE ATG IS IN THE HOUSE! Yes, I bought an ATG and it is mine. Now, I just need to learn to USE the darn thing.

It is light, as advertised, though it is a bit bulky. I am used to just dealing with my fat fingers and a tape dispenser, or a snail adhesive holder that is smaller than my hand. But this thing is huge, and I need to learn to drive it better.

Just look at that goop I produced. No need for Dimensionals or pop-dots - got 'em all built in to the adhesive. Too bad that was not the look I wanted, but it was for a mock-up, so I am okay.

Mock-up, you say? Here it is: a baby shower invitation. I do just a passable job with certain kinds of cards, and invitations, especially baby shower invitations, is one of those areas. I thought I'd go real simple, so I used one of SU's note cards (the same ones I use for my City Cards) to keep it small but still mailable. I printed the words in light blue on the 'puter so they came out straight. I know me, and I'd make a fancy schmancy card front then stamp the stoopid sentiment crooked. It's what I do, and I do it well. Besides, I do not own any baby shower sentiments, so printing it was really my only option. :-)

The image is from Outlines, and I stamped it 2 1/2 times. Once in blue, once in yellow, and then just the center in blue for the onesie, then I cut them all out and layered them. The ribbon was an afterthought, because I have white space issues, and I felt it really needed something to be 'finished'. I have some mini baby pins somewhere I may pin into the knot, if I can find them.

The inside has printed lines for the Who, When, Where and RSVP information.

So why am I doing this? A guy (yes, a guy) was looking through my baby section last weekend at the market, and he asked if I had any baby shower invitations. I told him I could make him some just like my moving cards, and he seemed agreeable. In general, I do not make something just because someone asks about it. That Day Job does cut into my creative time, so I am careful what I agree to do. But I thought it might be a good thing to be able to offer shower invitations, so a mock-up or two was not out of the question in this situation. He said he'd want 40 of them, so if he comes back - and that's a big 'if' in my world, then I'll have something to show him. If not, then I'll have something to show someone else. It's a good thing to expand one's offerings now and then.

Moving on, in a rare moment I saved a bunch of what I can only call 'paper shards' - yes, they are that small. Look:

Paper shards.

ATG goop + paper shards. Hey, I'm trying!

All my paper shards, stuck down almost straight. Tomorrow I plan to cut a shape out of this and use it. Somehow. I just love these PTI papers and colors, and I just, um, stocked up on some more papers and ribbon, so, yeah, I should probably use them.

Ah, the end of yet another week. I love it when Friday rolls around, until I realize that another week of my LIFE has passed me by. I need to stop thinking like that or it will make me crazy(er).

Okay, off to do a few things before I hit the hay. It is raining again, here, and I hope it lets up a bit for tomorrow's market. I will be sure to let you know all about that on the morrow. :-)

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  1. you can search youtube. I remember seeing videos on how-tos with the ATG gun especially reloading. I think if you go on as well she posted a tutorial when she got hers

  2. Hooray!!!!!!

    Using it does take a little getting used to, but I would be more than happy to discuss the minutiae of using an ATG with you anytime :)


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