Saturday, August 22, 2009

Market Update

It was a loooong, hot market today. I was hoping the torrential rains with accompanying thunder and lightening and big wind would have blown all the HH&H outta here, but no luck. At least the nasty weather waited until after 4 pm to return.

Today I bring you a lot of repeats from last week, but I'm tellin' you, things are just so doggone pretty this time of year! And they are new pics, just in case you were going to accuse me of re-using them from last week. :-)

More poblano peppers. I ate mine from last week and about cleared my sinuses, so I bought no more, much to Farmer Mike's consternation.

Onions. Or if you ever watched Justin Wilson on PBS: orn-yons. I did get some of these.

Sweet peppers - so colorful!

And more sweet peppers - also colorful. I got some of both peppers to go with the onions and tomatillos - might as well make more salsa. Farmer Mike said it's probably the last of the tomatillos for this year.

Eggplants. Notice the mother of all eggplants there on the right.

Jalepenos. Darn it! I should have waited for these instead of buying mine in the grocery store this past week. These look so much better! They were picked the day before, so duuuh! Of course they look better! So I got some more. I never learn.

HOT peppers. Still not buying any of these.

Two lonely 'lopes. The last of them for the season, I presume.

Now for the doggie portion of our show. This guy came in and laid down - right at home! Can you tell he is neglected?

Another poor, neglected soul.

Two little dears that just got done being fawned over. See, neglect is rampant in these parts.

This guy was trying to reach the crumbs on the ground and his Mom was not letting him. It was a real tug-of-war!

He got picked up, then went, "Oh, hello there!" He was just about upside down!

I wandered over to say Hi to MaryBeth, and this pretty dress caught my eye. All I can say is it's a good thing I had boys. I would have gone nuts dressing little girls!

Look at this cute top!

And a new item: headbands. Stinkin' cute! If they did not give me headaches, I'd have bought one or six. LOVED her presentation, too!

And this had to be photographed: a bling head band. Of course!

Time for some inspiration pics. This is one of MaryBeth's skirts. Alert: If ANY of my beloved readers actually uses any of my pics as inspiration for a card, please link back and let me know. I'll gift you with some of my 12,000 miles of ribbon. Really!

One more - the dress worn by one of our beverage vendors caught my eye. I see Baja Breeze + Old Olive or Kiwi Kiss + Black + White. Hmmm....

The winner of cutest pj's goes to this lad.

More doggies - this time at the pie table. Smart critters, cuz those pies are amazing!

This guy was a bit more obvious about his love of food.

The essentials: fan, morning coffee, croutons (crackers, to me) and glasses to help me see. Oh, and the glasses fit really tight now since they slid off my chair this morning during set-up and I found them when I stepped on them...bent the frame, I did.

Ah, Farmer Mike's "special peppers" he keeps in the van. I thought the hot peppers above would peel paint, but he corrected me. THESE are really hot.

He said, "Look, they are so hot their own skins are wrinkling." Funny guy, that Farmer Mike.

These strange-looking things are ButterCups, a variety of squash. They are like Acorn squash. I'll get the other name for them next week, as it failed to register in my grey matter today.

One thing I find really neat about the market is people's willingness to try new things. I do not see that as much in the grocery. At the market, people call the farmer over and ask what something is, what is it like (for point of reference), how to prepare it, and they try it - all this strange stuff. Then they come back the next week and hear other people asking about the same item and they chat a bit about it, and then they try it, and so it goes. The camaraderie at this place is amazing.

Today's mutant vegetable is this pepper. It had to be photographed, I'm sorry.

When I got home with my arms full of stuff, including the CSA share I picked up for someone, I declared my love for my handyman when I opened my screen door. One of its features is this little button. Never again will I slide those metal pieces over to hold open the door (as if I had a hand to do that anyway). Nope, just tap that little button with your foot and - ta-da! The door stays open! To release it, just push the door open a bit and it is done. It is truly a beautiful thing.

After I took a shower to wash off the hot, I sat down to catch up with my Tweeps and got a cat in the lap. Sigh, I was trying to cool off, not warm up. But she is a sweetheart.

And look who is visiting next door! A Great Dane! These dogs are sooooo sweet. Just BIG!

Okay, that's it for my Farmers Market show-and-tell this week. I got a bunch of new goodies from SU the other day, and I have been trying things, but nothing has materialized of any significance yet. I have high hopes to actually have a card to post very soon. I also hope to get my ATG this week. I'll be sure to do a quick controlled test with that baby!

I'm off to enjoy the thunderstorm ... love a good light show! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You had an eventful day, it seems! And so many wonderful things to see. Loved those jalapenos, we never get them fresh here, only pickled, in at all.

  2. Your photos turned out fabulous. It was a little muggier than I thought it would be, but so glad the rain held off until afternoon.

    Now, let's see your SU! goodies!!!

  3. I very much enjoyed your vegetable photos and always like the various peppers the best, because I imagine tasting them and what would happen to me.


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