Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Mix-Em Ups, and The Cat

I had the third of three Stamp Camps last night, and just to show you OTHER people besides BR#2 can change things up nicely, here are some other examples:

This one is mine ....

... and this one is different! She used one of the other stamps in the set, punched out the oval center, added some ink to the edges, and popped it up on Dimensionals. What a great alternative!

This one got an unfortunate ink smudge, so being the Queen of the Save, I pulled out the Pretties kit to look for a half-back pearl, but I had no small white ones left. My customer picked out this small flower, I added the rhinestone brad, we poked a hole in the white layer with the paper piercer - and ta-da! Is it not beauteous?! (We thought it was!)

Moving on to this card, here is my sample ...

... and here are theirs. I had mentioned how someone used the pale purple flip side of the green square in place of the white one, then stamped the sentiment on the inside. They took it a step further and stamped their sentiments on the pale purple squares. I love it!

In other news, as you probably already know, I always take pics of the cat, because, well, because I can. During my Stamp Camps, she is a chair thief, and it gets out of hand sometimes. Last night I caught her on film (digits) with her tongue out, so I uploaded it to icanhascheezburger.com so I could caption it. My first !!!!! Check it out and let me know what you think!

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

I took today off of work to catch up on life a little bit, but here I still sit on the couch. I will eventually get off my butt and go to IKEA to pick up some cabinets and punch storage for The Other Room. First I'll need to empty all my market stuff out of the car so there'll be ROOM for the IKEA stuff, which is why I am still sitting here on the couch. I did get up a second ago cuz my SU Holiday Mini catalog pre-order HAS ARRIVED! Woo-hoo! Distractions for this afternoon!

Okay, I'm off to look productive; I'll report back later if that actually happens. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Aww!! Lovin' the pussy cat and I think that website is the dogs. It cracks me up and you have done a great job with the caption..........really funny. xxx

  2. Kitty is gonna be famous!

    Your cards are lovely and elegant :)

  3. awesome stamp camp cards! oh yeah and said cheezburger is EVEN FUNNIER avec context!!! :)

    ps: WV="mismi" as in "i haven't been to yer blog in awhile...didja mismi??!"


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