Saturday, August 8, 2009

To Market, To Market

Another exciting day at the market today. It was supposed to be stinking hot & humid, but it turned out really nice. No complaints, here!

We all learned last week that the reason Farmer Mike was MIA was because his wife was busy having a baby - their 1st! How exciting! So last night on the way home, I actually remembered to stop and pick up some baby things to give to Mike today. I simply could not resist this little outfit:

Soooo cute. But the best part is this -->

The top is actually a onesie, and it is GORgeous.

So this morning I wanted to make Mike a card to go with the goodies (I mean, it's what I do, right?), but I had to finish these first. Good thing I did, too, because the woman who ordered two of the packs was not going to pick them up until next weekend, but she actually came this weekend! Phew!

Once all the 'moving' cards were out of the way, I made this for Mike and his wife. Pretty simple, and completely inspired by the pink ribbon that was hanging out of one of the many overflow boxes in my Living Room. Whatever will I do for inspiration when I finish organizing and putting all my stuff in The Other Room?! (Please note the fact that the three owls are a little crooked. I would not want to disappoint.)

So then I went to the market. Lots of photo ops, but first my camera batteries died, and then my Crackberry battery died, and my charger was at home. The following is all I got today...

Peaches. We have peaches. I decided to get a bunch and try to make Peach-chipotle jam. Mmmm.

I had a little discussion with Farmer Mike, and he let me set up right next to his veggies in the same primo spot I had last weekend when he was MIA. I got to sit next to these little lovelies, and yes, business was hoppin', too!

This is Mike's tub of hot peppers that he still cannot con me into buying. Check out his display - peppers stuck in a row, from hottest to mildest (left to right). The one on the far right is still too hot for me. I guess this was the easiest way to tell people about the different varieties. They sure are pretty, though!

This was my lunch today. I bought it based on the recommendation of one of my customers' husbands who was just making small talk. He mentioned the restaurant/cafe across the green from the market has a killer salad, and I needed to get it for lunch, so I did! It is greens, avocado, apple, cherry tomatoes and a vinaigrette dressing. YUM! How stinkin' healthy, too! I made up for it by buying and eating a cookie as big as my head from the bakery.

Speaking of the bakery, just about 10 am, our official opening time, the bakery was mobbed! She did not even have time to park the van until the crowd cleared. About mid-day, she actually had to leave and go get more bread cuz they sold out!

Did you notice the little table with beverages next to the pole? Those kids are really cleaning up with their cold drinks. They are 8 and 6, and really business-minded. Mom & Dad are doing a really good job with those two!

Photo op of the day: our resident photographer got dressed in the dark this morning. He said he has a pair just like it at home. :-)

So today went pretty well sales-wise. I am happy with my new location next to Farmer Mike. :-) It is a lot more room with no tent set-up.

I am fighting sleep right now, as I need to do the Clean Sweep and cut up all the card stock for kits for tomorrow and Monday. I have 18 people coming over three sessions, so it should at least LOOK like I have my act together! I'd best get started.

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  1. I love your cards. I also love when someone stops by my blog and actually comments, so I can go check out their blog. Yours to be specific. :) I am now headed to Etsy to check out the rest of your stuff. :)

  2. I have been through and read all your posts from while I was away...but I am way too lazy to leave a comment on all of them :( But you have kept me entertained for over half an hour and I've laughed so much that now my back is killing me and I have to go back to bed!
    PS: I am sooooo jealous you got the BS...can't wait to see more stuff done with it :)

  3. You have such a way with words! Make me laugh out loud! I love your perspective on things and will continue reading!

  4. The onesie IS gorgeous! Love it :)

    Your salad (and Farmer Mike's peaches & tomatoes) all look so yummy.

    Kudos to you for finishing those cards! So glad sales are up.


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