Friday, August 14, 2009

I Wrote This While Watching Neil Diamond*

I had plans today, I really did. But as most of my planned days off go, this one drove itself, and in a different direction.

Among other things, I was determined to get some cards made, and I focused on SU Only so I had a chance of maybe using one of them for my September (Cripes! September!) stamp camps.

I am in love with the SU Nouveau Chic DSP. What's not to like about Sage Shadow and Basic Gray?

I decided to try the pretty patterned piece of DSP as an accent instead of a layer... who would expect a circle that is not the sentiment? :-) The circle of DSP is punched with the 1 3/4" circle punch, and I used my Circle Scissor Plus to cut the two larger circles. I used one of the Sizzix embossing plates on the Sage Shadow base to dress it up a bit. (You might have to click the picture to see that - remember I am still the photographer, here.)

Then I broke open my Core'dinations Beach card stock and selected a really pretty blue-green. As I was cutting it to size, this happened. By 'this', I refer to the growing stack of paper next to my cutter. See how well that card stock goes with the other pieces already there? So much of my inspiration comes from moments such as this.

I was really excited to use this card stock with an embossing plate, because of its white core. I softly sanded it with my sanding block to reveal just a little bit of the core color, and it looks like patterned paper! Love it!

This is the same striped paper I used on the first card, and it is layered with Basic Gray and Apricot Appeal. Then I got a bug up my rear that I could somehow fit a piece of that flourish-y paper on the card, too. I started with a Key Tag punch shape, and that morphed into a background for the Designer Label punch. The sentiment is one of my new ones from Verve (Circular Sayings).

In other news, I made my first etsy purchase this past week, and it arrived today. I bought some note cards (crazy, I know!) from one of my tweeple: @patriciamonkey, who is an amazing whimsical artist. I love her birds!

And look at the package! She even drew on the shipping box! I'd purchase some of her tables or other art pieces if I had more room in this place. So go ahead - check out her shops (she has two)!

Also today, I had my new screen door installed, finally. I've been promising my customers for years that I'd get to it, and I did! Now, the screen door handle is on the same side as the inside door handle. I still cannot handle that (oh, how punny!) ... it will definitely take some to get used to the change!

I also asked my handyman to look at the Bygel rails I bought for my punches and to give me a clue as to what kind of attachment hardware I'd need. He decided the weight of the punches would not require more than standard anchors and screws. I have added screws and anchors to my hardware store shopping list, along with rougher sand paper for sanding off the rivulets of dried paint on the wall. Thus grows my list of things to do in The Other Room.

There is much to look forward to this weekend. Saturday market. Hardware store. Sanding the wall. Painting the wall. Making some cards. And as an added bonus, I will be participating in a Bacon Blog Hop on Sunday morning! No kidding! These tweeple of mine are on a bacon binge, and we're organizing a bacon blog hop. What will it be? Who knows! We'll find out together!

Through all of this craziness, kitty is standing by, keeping me safe from cardboard boxes.

You have no idea how safe this makes me feel at night.

Thanks for stopping by!

* Please excuse that weird post title. I got tired of sitting here, trying to think of a title. I've already used "(This post has no title)", so that was out. Well, I was watching the Neil Diamond special while I composed this ... told you I do not sit still well ... so that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!


  1. These two cards are really great! Way to make the DSP do the work for the image on the first card! So now I have added this DSP to my ever growing SU wishlist!

  2. Oooo, those papers do look scrummy AND coordinate well with that magical Core'dinations cs. I especially like the fancy schmantzy one you used in the circle and designer label punch...very cool, very Leslie :)

    So glad kitty is looking out for you!

  3. Both of these cards are just gorgeous. I love serendipitous moments like that...the second card is my personal favourite :) Hope you have a lovely (and productive) weekend :)

  4. You fill every hour of your day with usefulness. I stand amazed. You must be a very organized person and have amazing amounts of energy.

  5. i DO NOT believe you re neil diamond. if that were true, at least one of these cards would have a sequin or two. (...just sayin'...) having said that, they are LOVELY cards and have no need of sequinage!

    ps: TOLD YA! (re core'dinations!) :) :) :)


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