Monday, August 3, 2009

Baby Steps Update

Hi, still on the planet, here. Stamping? Not so much. Too much OTHER stuff going on. Since I have maybe 3 of my 4 projects for this weekend all thought out, why bother with #4? There's always Saturday evening for that .... So when I got home, I did this:

... the next baby step in The Other Room. See that handsome blue tape along the ceiling and around the windows? Yep, I taped the section of wall I plan to paint. Please note that I have no plans to paint the WHOLE wall at this time. Nonononono, that would take too much effort, and I am all about the baby steps right now.

I only really need to paint the section under the window where my new cabinets will go. And yeah, that spot above the windows that I will not be able to reach once the cabinets are in place.

I actually looked for a paint brush in my cache of painting supplies stacked up in there, but none was to be found. You see, if I use a brush instead of a roller, there's less clean-up, and less effort, really, cuz I may not even use the tarp! Nope - I'll work right out of the can - no roller pan for THIS gal! Oh, goodness, wish me luck. (Lest you be alarmed at this news, I HAVE roller pans and rollers and extra tape and tarps and ... stuff. I just do not feel like getting it all out.)

[WARNING: Abrupt change in subject.]

So you can see I am actually working on a stamping project, here is a current mass-production effort. I am making 25 We've Moved cards - 5 packs of 5. I sold my last 5-pack last weekend, and she wants two more packs, so 10 of these 25 are already sold. I figured I might as well make a few more packs to cart around the rest of the summer.

I used my Marvy punches to punch out the oval shapes. I was thiiiis close to using the Cuttlebug and Nestabilities, but when I thought '25 times', I bagged that plan and went for the Marvy punches instead. And to think I almost sold all of them a while ago.

Aaaand, I will use up those two spools of miscellaneous must-have ribbon! Yay!

I'll color the cars (x 25) tomorrow, after I paint the wall in The Other Room. I am busy all weekend between the market and prepping for the Stamp Camps, and then the Stamp Camps, and I've got to get this painting thing out of the way before Tuesday's trip to IKEA. The Plan is all coming together now. Feels so gooood. :-)

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  1. Cool! I am so excited watching you on twitter and here and seeing your baby steps. (That was a weird sentence, but it is 6am, okay?) AT LEAST YOU ARE TAKING BABY STEPS!!! Progress is progress. (Deep, huh?) I am enjoying the progress of TOR.


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