Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Fusion Card and Another Project

I stamped something today, I did! And it came out pretty much like I'd planned, too. Amazing.

As most of you know by now, I may be a(n) SU Demo, but I buy what I like no matter who makes it. This would in large part explain The Other Room.

This card is a blend of products from several companies. Base card stock by SU, as is the punch to make the holes for the ribbon. All the other layers of card stock and the ribbon by PTI. Stamps by Verve. Black ink by Memento. Coloring medium by Copic. Oh, and I used a Spellbinder Nestability in my Big Shot (I DID!) to cut out the circle.

I really, really like how this turned out! I have the parts for 3 more of these, so I will actually have a new card for my market next weekend. Hmmm, maybe I'll sell something. Yesterday's cash intake was abysmal.

Baby Step Alert! I moved two items from the Living Room floor to The Other Room. Ta-da! Once I get the other cabinets set up, the paper cutter and Big Shot will take their places, too.

Before I can set up the cabinets, I still need to sand and paint the wall. Sigh ...

Next up on my never-ending list of things to do involves my Dining Room wall, and some major recycling. A whole slew of us at work use the same handyman, who happens to be the husband of another co-worker. I called him the other day to confirm Friday's door installation, and he was at A's house. Later that day I was in line with A in the cafeteria and mentioned it to her, and she said she was having a tiled mirror wall removed - it was too 70's for her liking.

Hmmm .... mirror tiles. Why do I care about mirror tiles? Because on my long list of projects is to get a mirror for this wall:

This is my Dining Room wall, and I have wanted a rectangular wrought-iron mirror for it ever since I painted it. Wrought-iron mirrors are expensive, and heavy, so I keep putting it off.

Then I thought if I get a new mirror/cabinet for the bathroom, I could put the current bathroom mirror on this wall. I'd get a black frame for it, and maybe put one of those SU Vinyl design pieces on the mirror. But that would require me to have A Plan for the bathroom, and that is just not gonna happen.

So when A mentioned these mirror tiles, my brain went to this wall. I see 4 tiles across and three down. I see 'free'. So I asked, and she said I could have them.

Enter the handyman. He had stacks of the tiles headed for a builders recycling joint where just about anyone can buy and re-use any building supplies they can find. I saved him the trip and took a stack of them, and they now live in my kitchen.

They are held up with double-sided tape, which, being a good crafter, I have in vast supply, somewhere. The Plan is to lay them out on the floor, butted up against each other. Apply a(n) SU vinyl design (to be purchased), then put the tiles on the wall with some space in between them. I think it will look FAB, don't you? I also predict this will be done before I assemble the remaining cabinets. :-)

Okay, I am nursing a nasty headache, which I never get, so I suspect I have been online too much today. I am going to go lie down and see if I can kick this beast.

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  1. Gorgeous card!! And love your mirror plans. :-)

  2. Hope your headache disappears like snow for the sun.

  3. Another very pretty card...I love these colours :)
    I love the idea for the mirror tiles...I think it will look fantastic!
    I hope your headache is better by the time you read this. Hugs ♥

  4. Your card is GORGEOUS!!! One of my fave Leslie cards to be sure.

    I am anxious to see this tile thingy...

    Kudos to you for moving stuff into TOR :)

    I left you a blog award on my blog.

  5. oof-- ♥LOVELY♥ card...sooooooo sorry i missed the bacon blog hop (tho we did actually have bacon & eggs for dinner that i was with you in flabby high-cholesteroled spirit!)...hope the haddock is lonnnnnnnng gone!!!

  6. Stunning! Love that flower immensely! :o)

  7. Beautiful wall. The colours are very striking.


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