Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Painted!

The baby steps continue in The Other Room. Last night I stopped by the store to get some paint brushes, and when I got home I started to paint, I did!

This is after the first coat. You can see the yellow color now goes just past the left edge of the windows. I did use the brush, not a roller. This was a sound plan for the top part, but not so much for the bottom part. I do not like that the brush strokes are so visible.

Here we are after the second coat and tape removal. I was pretty much lovin' myself at this point, until I realized that the thick coat I put on to try and cover up the brush strokes ended up a bit too thick, and the paint was running in thick rivulets. I now have what could be called a 'scalloped' look, and it dried that way. I suppose I could say I meant to do that. I suppose I could say it is okay because the cabinets will totally cover it and hide it.

But no, I will not say that. I will take out a roller and a roller pan and I will re-paint it tonight. I need to do the bottom trim, anyway (with a brush), so why not. I'll feel better about it. But doesn't it look nice?

In between the painting, I worked on my 'moved' cards.

I colored all the images ...

... and assembled one of them. Looks like I forgot to use the Macro setting on this fuzzy shot. Sorry.

Tonight I'll do the painting, then hopefully finish up these cards and move on to something else. I might even make up card #4 for this weekend's Stamp Camps. Maybe.

Gotta leave for the Day Job. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Paint job looks great from here! Kudos to you for getting it done...okay, almost done...soon enough.

    Your moving image is so cute. Reminds me of the car I learned to drive in...a '72 VW bug. It had a stick shift, but no clutch (to shift gears you let off the gas). I LOVED that car :)

  2. Okay - so are you going to teach a class on multitasking?

    Wow - love the color and your paint job and I REALLY love the cards!!! Nice!

    Cythe - I need a cythe to cut through all the stuff in my stamp room.

  3. Way to go on the painting!

    The cars are *very* cute!


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